Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tom Watson MP Claims Ministerial First: Segway It Ain't So

When Tom Watson MP appropriately used "Twitpic" to claim a ministerial first on Segway driving (or perhaps dare I say just Segway standing?) and publish a picture of same, which Tom Miller suggested would haunt him for life, I had a nagging suspicion of other serious MPs having trodden the boards on this C5 of the Twitter generation.

Probably Tom and Tom didn't realise that Star Troupers in Beijing (above) proposed to use the things for mechanised and machine-gun-ised Peterloo moments during the Olympics.

Was it perhaps only Lembit Opik MP I was thinking of? A Tory too perhaps? Robert Goodwill MP says Google. He claims to be some kind of Transport Spokesman. But I've never heard of him. Lembit probably has a ticket to ride Segway, as I do, and my kids all do. It is best to be certified for such things. Just in case.

Then, then, then I remembered Pieres Morgan and the revelation that the republic's first family are in fact Segway'd up:

Genius, tax thief, visionary, bottler... pundits describe Gordon Brown as any and all of these things. But Piers Morgan has dined, drunk, debated and gossiped with him for more than a decade ... and in this article written for GQ he reveals what the Prime Minister is truly like.
"Hope your ribs are OK. There's a Segway at Chequers if you need to practise... love Sarah and Gordon."
This text message just about summed up my relationship with our Prime Minister and his wife.
I'd fallen off a Segway bike in Los Angeles, breaking three ribs and suffering a collapsed lung. Yet even as I was in agony, they saw fit to laugh at me.

The campaign to free streets or even bike lanes to these little belters might gain traction if they cost less than a small car. Just a thought.

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