Sunday, January 25, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Hennigan Ejected From Galloway Meeting

Witness accounts welcome. We are informed that Paul Rowen MP was due to speak on a platform with George Galloway at an event in Rochdale today at 3pm.

But Rowen bottled out. And Hennigan Boy Wonder was either sent or took it upon himself to fill the MP's boots. Sadly Hennigan Boy Wonder was a complete arse. Possibly inebriated. Certainly suffering afternoon after effects. But bouncing around like a rubber ball.

He was therefore thrown out. With "Don't You Know Who I Am?" ringing in the bouncers' ears. "Yes" they said under their breaths as they got good riddance of bad rubbish.


Anonymous said...

Surely reporting that Hennigan was thrown out of a meeting of the "Saddam Hussien appreciation society" merely enhances his status ?


Chris Paul said...

Thanks GW

I'm not sure Paul Rowen would see it like that. It was not Galloway's meeting. It was organised by a fairly conservative but not particularly potty Islamic NGO. Their CEO is a Lib Dem candidate.

In effect he was ejected by his own party's major representative in the muslim community of Rochdale. Quite different I'd say.

Hennigan would presumably have licked George's ring, hypothetically speaking, and I'm not talking George Bush, but being tired and emotional and arrogant and stupid and getting chucked out must be very low on his wish list.

I'm not sure there is a home for these reasonably moderate people in Rochdale Lib Dems any more. In which case Rowen may be left with the real whackos of MPUK and HuT.

thriller said...

whackos? Someone mention Michael Jackson in a comment about Cyril Smith's Rochdale Lib Dems?

Anonymous said...

Aaaah !