Sunday, February 01, 2009

Benchill Tory: Analysis of Trouble with Lib Dems

I've been doing some work in the immediate vicinity of Benchill Conservative Club just recently. And spookily we have a visitation. Managing to tread carefully between the humourless head-dump, dogshit-like trollery of the spawn of the devilish EHC at the Didsbury West By-Election "Three Horse Race" tongue-in-cheekery, our friend Benchill Tory tells it like it is:

The trouble with the Manchester Lib dems is that their only appeal at elections is that they are not the Labour Party. They have been the only opposition in Manchester for upwards of 20 years, but what have they done and what do they stand for?
I quite like the good old fashioned Liberals, never more do we need a traditional liberal voice. However the Lib Dems are a complete nonsense; you get a different brand of Lib Dems depending on which part of the country you happen to live in.
In Manchester they do seem to have a lot of money to conduct their campaigns!
I think a typical Lib Dem member dislikes the idea of trades unions so they don't like the Labour Party, and they are too guilt ridden about how their own circumstances improved due to Thatcher that they won't vote Tory.
Lib Dems are however shit hot when it comes to dog poo.

Not sadly so shit hot when it comes to covering their tracks for "accountancy bizarro". This here is very unfair from Derby Tories, but not unamusing for all that typical Tory unfairness.

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Ramsbottom Watersports Club said...

So true from Benchill Tory. Look at the recent TIF vote, Stockport Lib Dems said no where as Manchester Lib Dems were for it.

Check out Rambo's wiki profile. He edits it himself and removed the fact he supported it, even though he said he was in favour of the charge over at Manchester Confidential.

How did postal votes go missing at Manchester City Council? One Lib Demmer was bragging he could obtain postal votes in empty property in Manchester City Centre.