Saturday, February 28, 2009

Christopher Chop MP: Does Cameron Agree on Cutting NMW?

Via clawsfour we catch up very belatedly with Christopher Chop(e) MP reported in the Mirror wishing to abolish the minimum wage. Goes without saying I suppose that living wage, working time directive, health and safety, tea breaks, holidays, maternity leave, votes for women, votes for paupers, votes for gays, pensions for the un-rich, inside lavvies and the rest of civilisation would also be Choped merciless should Master Cameron be given the keys to Number 10.

How can anyone seriously consider voting for these b'stards? Claws is good. Benefiting greatly from a rare link on the post in question. Hypertext!

Chop(e)y is Chairman of Conservative Way Forward or "Conwayfor" for short. Celebrating the dip your fingers right in the till approach of Derek Conway and other right wing takers. Or to use their own spiel:

Founded in 1991 to defend and build upon the achievements of the Conservative Party under Margaret Thatcher’s leadership, and to adapt the principles of her era in government to modern concerns and challenges.
Or as Dave hisself commented:
"The largest and most effective pressure group within the Conservative movement today"

Excellent stuff. Christopher is seen here modelling a Ne'er-do-well tabard on the occasion of an extraordinarily hypocritical visit to save some Post Office workers ... from being paid the minimum wage etc etc etc. Good stuff. Meanwhile Maggie and Dave realise that the only way is up. Right up the workers!! "The workers can go swivel on this" as Maggs would say. "Hear hear!" say Dave and Chris.

UPDATED 12:00: Pictures, more text, more hyperlinks.

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