Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saatchi and Saatchi: Tory Brickbats Pissing People Off

Over at Red Box Sam Coates has a series of more or less interesting Friday stories. Gould refereeing a spat, Myners and Goodwin, no love lost, Labour Advisor Donates Services 1, and
Labour dvisor Donates Services 2. This latter being far more interesting.

Saatchi and Saatchi appear to have donated some research and analysis, valued at more than £40,000, which told Brown that the public are optimistic and don't like the Tories pissing on their chips when it comes to an orderly and swift recovery.

The public think that Cameron and Osborne are talking down the recovery and being unpatriotic. By wishing that sincere, and actually rather well-thought out, measures to steer the nation through the global crisis, wishing that they actually fail.

This of course includes the Tories' facile mantra that the VAT cut has cost £11 Billion and has failed. No, and No. The vast majority of this notional cost is yet to be drawn down.

It is probably in or at least towards the 12th and 13th months that the measure will provide the kicker for the somethingly recovered economy as consumers at all levels make standard rated purchases to beat a tax rise that may well be significant on a car, home improvements or for that matter purchase or lease of a commercial property.

And what are the Tories offering? Tax cuts for the richest. Plus public services and public jobs cuts for all. "Do Nothing" Tories would be bad, but not so bad as "Do Damage" Tories. These devilish creatures are what we need to set our stall out against. Just notice the way that it is Osborne not Mandelson who has no shadow ...


Anonymous said...

Cameron and Osborne are talking down the recovery...

What recovery?

You seem, in your rush to make a good partisan dig , forget the Labour supporters who have said this is near a disaster.

I take it you cried shame when anyone said anything negative about the Government in the early 90's?

Once again you have no credibility and Labour are left to look like fools and cretins by you and your ilk.

Chris Paul said...

Future recovery ... potential recovery ... eventual recovery ... inevitable recovery ...

They are wishing Labour to fail.

You meanwhile really cannot be serious in bandying about insults about credibility when you won't even take responsibility for your views.

Pathetic, weak, cowardly, completely without credibility or substance.

Anonymous said...

Future recovery ... potential recovery ... eventual recovery ... inevitable recovery ...

So what you mean is that anyone, even enemies, should support Labour when they fuck up completely and destroy peoples lives, because then they are helping the recovery..eventually, maybe, well if it happens, inevitably...

I remember the labour party in opposition, and what you are suggesting is utterly ludicrous, partisan drivel. The Tories owe you nothing and most certainly have SEEN Labour fail, whether they like it or not. Only delusional Labour acolytes try and imagine and fantasise otherwise.

And you accuse me of having no credibility?

Chris Paul said...

Are you a complete and utter numbskull of brave and thoughtful "anonymous"?

I am a Labour supporter. This is a Labour supporting blog. It says so on it. This is not the BBC or Reuters. It is some bloke's blog. Some bloke that supports Labour, is not a miserabalist, and has the guts to sign his name to his doodlings.

What the hell do you expect me to do? Become an everyman for himself Tory because the polls are sticky for my party?

You couldn't make it up.

Meanwhile the nice people at Saatchix2 have discovered that Tories talking down the economy and apparently dissing every measure attempted to improve matters - including those with Ken Clarke's approval incidentally - well, this negativity is pissing people off.

And yes, you have no credibility. You are anonymous. And ridiculous. And thick. And rude. And you asked for that.

If you want to read Tory supportive blog posts go to Tory blogs.

If you want to have a debate, then learn to have a debate.

The whole world is in a difficult situation. Capitalism as released to new heights of greed by Reagan and Thatcher - which Cameron if no-one else has noticed - has been insufficiently mediated by politicians of all stripes, all over the world. It's gone bad. Capitalists have deluded themselves, taken ridiculous risks, grown turnover and market share (vanity) over profit (sanity).

It is very unseemly for the Tories to be crowing that XY and Z is not working. Particularly as it has been Tory-minded capitalists leading the feeding frenzy, the delusion, the excessive risks. And people just don't like it. They think it is unpatriotic. And it is. It is also self-fulfilling.

If you've nothing better to say than:

"Nurr nurr, you're a lefty, Tories (or BNP in your case most likely, who knows you are an anonymous creep) rule" then get back to the playground and plot world domination.

Go and tell Sam Coates at the Times - where this info came from - that he is an idiot for reporting the news that people really don't like crowing Tories.

Why would they? They like Hope. They like to look on the bright side. They like governments that tackle poverty. They like equality. They like government for the many not the few.

And there is at least a chance that when the election comes they'll realise just what Tories stand for. Feelgood quackery and jeering does not deserve to win elections.

That is all Tories are offering ... oh, and tax cuts for the richest, and service cuts for the poorest.


Anonymous said...

I am a Labour supporter. This is a Labour supporting blog. It says so on it. This is not the BBC or Reuters....blah blah blah...

Which is exactly why the comment keeps being made by many that you are a typical Labour hypocrite who whines about others, like Mrs Dale, while engaging in partisan drivel.

As for the rest, well, obviously very raw nerves have been touched.

Robin Cook had principles, but the likes of you just soldier on working hard to ensure people like sleazy corrupt and unelected Mandelson do what they like, and you claim how good and principled you and the Labour party are....ROFLMFAO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, using the cowardly anon tactic is stupid and shows how deluded and desperate you are. You are the Terry Kelly of Manchester.

Anons are used for good reason as people like Labour supporters can't be trusted with peoples real names.