Monday, February 16, 2009

Dave Spart: Reminding Us Of Poor Jeffrey Archer, MA (Oxon) Not

Dave Osler has just reminded me that the £2,000 max bonus proposed by Dave Cam would in fact be "an Archer" as he argues not quite as persuasively as he might wish that the mythomaniac Jeffrey Archer was hard done by.

It was almost inevitable that Lords Truscott, Taylor of Blackburn, Snape, Moonie and Levy would not be the subjects of Yates of the Yard for too long.

The Sunday Times went off half cock, premature ejaculation of a half story. But these Lords will not actually escape consequences. Who on earth would employ them to fix anything from now on? The whole sick crew need disestablishing if you ask me.

But meanwhile the ignoble Lords Archer, Black, Ashcroft and Laidlaw are bang-to-rights. While the ignoble Lords Truscott, Taylor of Blackburn, Snape, Moonie and Levy are to varying degrees unsuccessfully entrapped.


Anonymous said...

I agree Chris, sleazy Tories make all the sleazy Labour men fine and dandy. Well done for bringing this to the attention of the public, they will now return to voting Labour in their millions and the slide to the lowest ever membership numbers will be reveresd.

Labour are once again whiter than white.

Chris Paul said...

Did no one ever tell you oh brave anonymous one that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? Of course these Labour Lords are not whiter than white, they are seven shades of un-white. But, for whatever reason, the Times lost their nerve and stopped at talks about pork. Instead of pork itself.

The noble Lords of the sleaze - whether clearly guilty lairds of the manor or almost certainly at it sons of the soil - sound like characters in a Harry Potter plot.

I can see no future in these "reward" peerages and wish Labour would get on with reforming the Lords into an elected Senate.

Apparently Cameron told Dale he had no plans to reform the Lords. Idiot boy and lightweight that he is.

Interestingly on your last point it is the Tory membership that is behaving the most precipitously while Labour has seen a slight bounce. But don't let the facts get in the ay of a good sneer will you?

Anonymous said...