Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dave Cameron: Now Phishing For Customers to Con

It seems Dave Cameron has told the Politics Show this morning that bank bonuses should be limited to £2,000 and contracts ripped up if necessary. This Prescottonian idea is not going down that well in comments at Conservative Home.

Not all bonuses are related to the overall performance of a business. They may be related to an individual's performance, a team's, a section's, a division's. And what's more, there are things other than gross or net profits that companies might want to be rewarded. This is purely and simply Cameron phishing for bank customers to con.

From Prescott this kind of thing is amusing and charming and authentic - subject to legals. From Cameron it is pathetic and ridiculous. The contracts at these banks ARE the contracts at these banks. It is no use imagining they were drawn up just so. And it's hard to escape the conclusion that Tories busting Employment Contracts is NOT something we want to be sanctioning.

Apart from the phishing expedition the Sunday Telegraph tell us that Cambananas is under instructions to leave the savaging of Brown to those Rotweillers Clarke and Osborne. So he doesn't put off women voters. He wants to be their Prince Charming (right), self serving of course, lightweight, and put to the sword by Scottish-sounding heart-of-gold heavyweight nice guy Shrek.

Meanwhile the same source also tell us that the Tories are worried that their rather young women candidates in many seats will be successfully tackled as Cam-alike "lightweights". Which sounds a bit off-putting for those same women voters.

Meanwhile, and lest we forget this is the Torygraph, Master Corfu GOO (aka That Big Scarey Bruiser) really must learn to zip it:

Mr Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, revealed the new strategy at a private dinner of city executives at Scotts of Mayfair earlier this month.

Internal research has shown that whenever the Tory leader says something overtly negative about Mr Brown, female voters are turned off.

Middle class mothers, millions of whom switched to New Labour in 1997, are being targeted by the Tories as potentially crucial in securing victory at the next general election. A key part of this game plan has been the adopting of a less macho style.

Not sure any of this will make up for the realisation of £100 Billion of cuts in Education and Health and Welfare. The Tories may be ahead in the polls. As Labour were in 1991 or so. But they are well capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as we did.

POSTER IMAGE (1954) as featured in an interesting round up of Tory Propaganda at the rather dormant A Guardian retrospective, quite an odd choice as it goes. Old Labour ones, then newer Tory. Guardian 2001 collection including the one below.


lorenzo23 said...

Keep them posts coming Chris... You're On Fire. Like the Blog 2.0 posts - lots of post 45 people have got onto Facebook, Twitter of late, these were the same people who said email wouldn't catch on when they were post 35 years old (last century)

Chris Paul said...

Has email caught on? OMG!

Anonymous said...

Agree again Chris...the Tories should spend that £100billion instead of cutting it, our great great great great grandchildren can afford it can't they?

It's only funny money anyway isn't it?

new york gay boy said...

Oh my gawd Chris, you're like sooooo horny! I just wanna feel you all night long!

How about it boyfriend?

Chris Paul said...

Send a recent picture girlfriend . You read like an ugly old bastard to be frank. Your mind most likely being the ugliest of all.

Chris Paul said...

Brave anonymous troll:

Just tell us where the cuts will fall mate. And incidentally point at a Tory-run economy that has escaped this global problem.

The Tories are utterly useless on these economic problems. Lightweight GOO and Cam. And heavyweight Clarke essentially agrees with VAT cut, Europe and the recovery package in general.