Thursday, February 12, 2009

Geert Wilders Controversy: Tories Muddled Over Fascism

It's a nasty piece of work. Like Geert Wilders himself then. And with the same kind of contemptible distortions and pseudo rigour that Nick Griffin would employ - if he had the resources of elected office. Iain Dale hasn't even bothered to take a look before criticising Huhne and Labour who have, yet then suspecting he-might-agree-if-he'd-seen-it, though the video embedded above has been available for around 11 months. Why has he not had a peek.

Of course Chris Huhne MP has not only watched this shit, but was elected to represent and lead, and is by and large a responsible individual. The video will be shown no doubt by the nutty Lords-a-leaping. But the loose cannon who made it won't be here to organise the book burning.

Incidentally for Iain's benefit I would point out that it was the work of Geert Wilders and his party that informed the Hizb_ut-Tahrir leaflets, similar to the one on the left here, apparently distributed by the same hands and minds as Conservative leaflets in May 2008. And that while Gordon Brown insists that such groups will not be banned without evidence, it is Dave "Free Speech" Cameron that says he'd ban them with one jerk of his reactionary little knee.

LET ME EXPLAIN THAT AGAIN: The campaign team for a Conservative Council Candidate name of Hussain, who had a robust approach to their task, tried to persuade parts of the electorate in Whalley Range that Gordon Brown was associated with attempts to ban the Holy Qur'an. They did this by distributing a HuT leaflet that juxtaposed his picture with that story. Alongside their bland, but still wrong!, twaddle about trams and recycling and what have you.

Now leading Tory blogger Iain Dale thinks that importing the clown who is engaged in this Conflict language, Violent language, campaign to kill a religion, might be a good idea. Those Tories eh? Hard to know where they stand at times isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Why then do we allow Muslims to preach death to the west on the streets of our towns and cities and Mosques in this country to preach that women who form relationships with non Muslims should be stoned to death?
Mr Wilders may not be my cup of tea but it is a dangerous day when someone can be barred because they criticise medievalist reactionary religion.

Dick the Prick said...

He's got lovely hair though.

Chris Paul said...

There are a lot of things here anonymous. It needs unpacking.

We do not "allow" anyone to preach death to the west on the streets of our towns and cities.

Or at least if we catch 'em at it they go to jail/get deported/face the consequences.

Mosques in this country may preach the things you say - unlike churches, temples, synagogoues, tory clubs, WM clubs who have variations on the consequences - but as you well know such things only pertain where particular brands of sharia law is the law of the land. In the Caliphate if you like. We ain't there.

Name me a non reactionary religion? If you please??

There is plenty of the medieval in other religions also don't you think?

We have laws here and they apply to everyone without fear or favour.

Despite what I've said about "importing the clown" ... Personally I couldn't give a stuff whether Wilders comes in or not. I can handle it.

But then again I don't have responsibility for security, community cohesion, law and order etc etc. Those our elected govt have chosen to have those responsibilities have decided. And I'm content with what they have decided. We don't want polis like Wilders here, they're not welcome, and as you know Wilders is not the only one treated in this way. But he may be one of the few non-Muslims. Him and Mugabe.

The target of this post is Iain. Being all confused when he could spend 17 minutes or less viewing the material and then shit or get off the pot with a bit more information. Flapping about as he does at the link gives bloggers a bad name.

And the Tory leadership who wish to close down certain areas of free speech, without closing down others. Who know about the Tory/HuT hook up in Mcr but have done little if anything about it.

Both in terms of criminality and written/spoken material the BNP appear several shades of bad worse than HuT. Proscribe them first. Not willing to? Then you'll have to leave HuT.

In their UK manifestation at least there are non-violent. A bit childish in their analysis at times - but non-violent.

Their alternative dossier from 2002 or thereabouts on Iraq, WMDs etc was actually a solid piece of work in fact.

Chris Paul said...

Lovely hair? You think Dick? What's specifically is lovely about it?

Dick the Prick said...

It's really lustrous.

Seriously though, this is absolute bollox, he's a git who's probably getting pan-european publicity for a 6th form documentary. Job done for the price of a plane flight.

Not wanting to shoot the messenger but if some of the statements about a 10,000 strong set of protesters attributed to Lord Ahmed are true then i'm glad the guy's going down.

Chris Paul said...

Really lustrous? That's specific.

It is bollocks. Being familiar with the material for some time, but without knowing the details from the mosques and ghettoes of today, I would have probably let this loon in as that win might have been less than the one we've given him.

But as I say I don't know all the details, what's coming back from the surveillance on the Caliphatists. The govt actually have ministers responsible for law and order, and immigration, and equality, and security. And trusting them to get it right, albeit always erring on the safe side, seems reasonable to me.

As per post this is highly related to the HuT cause celeb used by Tories in my town.

Geert Wilders was in a No Lose position. And would have made hay if he was in, or if he was out.

Will UKIP bash BNP and/or Tories over this affair and reap rewards in Euros? That'd wouldn't be a bad thing from my POV. UKIP are the acceptable face of the hard right in many ways. And BNP faltering and sleaze ridden Euro Tories reeling isn't such a bad place to be for the Progressive side of the argument.

This film is a terrible distortion of the real world. It's shit. By a shit. For shits.

But my major worry is Dale. This thing has been out for 11 months at least in this country. Dale condemns and then provisionally joins Huhne in supporting the ban. If only he'd had a chance to review the material he says.

It's there Iain. It was a factor near me in the 2008 local government elections.

10,000 protestors was twaddle from the good Lord Ahmed. 200 perhaps. However the Gaza situation has stirred things up to a higher degree I feel than anything in Iraq or Afghanistan when it come sto our South Asian communities.

In Manchester we're actually seeing protests with very high representation of Muslims alongside the general Trottery and Left Liberals.

Anonymous said...

It is hoped that as a next step all free speech champions will lobby to screen a documentary
in the British parliament on Jean-Marie Le Pen's speeches on place of AIDS/HIV patients in Europe:

After all Le Pen enjoys far more
electoral support than what Wilders can dream of in his wildest dreams.