Friday, February 13, 2009

The DollyBlog's First Real Day: From Tantrum to Mantra

This, sees Christine Chapman writing about women's representation in assembly/parliament(s) and is certainly clear and worthy. However ... No particular timing imperative for today - launch day - and a bit long for the context.

This, sees Joe Powell reminding the Labour faithful of Africa. Not sure many of us had forgotten this Joe, or Gaza for that matter.

So, on Day One of the out-of-Beta Labour List we have the Dollyblog off-the-handle thing, albeit with good reason, we have a jocular Prezza VLog, Boris effing and blinding, Africa, and women's representation. Will this be a typical mix?

GENERAL FEEDBACK: I welcome the LL Project, and Go Fourth and all the rest of it. LL meets an unmet need, but must collectively relax. Email-only lunchtime list doesn't work for me. Perhaps a teatime list/web post for those that choose not to subscribe? But that text and those links really must get on the site and into the googlesphere.


Anonymous said...

For a start, it still today, 24 hours after launch, states that the site is beta, and where are the adverts the quack shouted would be supporting the site?

As to Draper...if you want to devalue the Labour movement by supporting this snake oil salesman, I wish you wouldn't embarrass us in the movement by trying to make him the victim. Staines may be a shit and a tosser, but if he is right you do us no favours by attacking him over this, and he is indeed right.

As said previously, Draper is an embarrassment to Labour and should be dropped before he loses us any more votes.

Chris Paul said...

Oh come on anonymous, you brave creature you.

Guido is a contemptible little shit.

He's a personal bankrupt.

He's a drunk-drive criminal (repeat offender). The judge suggested he was an alcoholic which Guido apparently acknowledged but refused to do anything about.

He is a tax avoider spreading the good news of tax avoidance.

He is a serial defamer and distorter.

He refers to his own followers as window lickers.

He was shown up as a careless and irresponsible blabber by White and Paxman, naming a secret source.

He was a college drop out but not before he consorted with fascists, as a fifth columnist for all that is right and true.

He consorted with and raised money for the UNITA death cult.

He bigs up that Loopy Lu Beresford a "Psychologist" with no obvious credentials or connection with The Priory. She's "almost bordering on" a charlatan if you ask me. Like GuF.

And in this case he's engaged in a nasty personal vendetta based on a preposition. A correct one as it goes, which leaps off the page.

Anyone in the mainstream media who pays GuF any attention is asking for trouble.

Meanwhile Derek Draper is a human being and makes the odd mistake here and there. Including what might be called impression management in a sales spiel.

This is clearly a politically motivated ad hominem attack and GuF is clearly a complete shitbag.

Hencke is an idiot for joining in, spectacularly having made the biggest mistake of the whole episode.

Anonymous said...

I've seen it all now, Meanwhile Derek Draper is a human being and makes the odd mistake here and there. Including what might be called impression management in a sales spiel. Staines may or may not be all of those things, but using him as a vehicle to make sleazy Draper a victim is as bad.

You won't be shocked or disappointed to learn that you are now off my daily read and favourites and I wish you well as you spout such shite and make Labour unelectable for almost the foreseeable future, along with your comrade {sic} sleazy Draper. I will work for Labour but not to get the likes of him recognised. Staines is an irrelevance who merely stated what is facts about Draper, and you have chosen to be as bad.

Fare thee well, and welcome to oblivion.