Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dirty Smearage From Mr GuF: But What became of Loopy Lu?

Vacant! Pretty Vacant! And bloody typical. The convicted repeat drink-drive-bish criminal, hate merchant, college drop out, tax evader, right-wing eejit and serial bankrupt Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF has attacked a straw man. And he's clamped down on comments. He'll probably not publish mine. For a change.

That's something - moderating comments - that Derek's LabourList of course were called for. Though given GuF's squadrons of window licking anonymous crazies and sockies, and a sniff of legals this is probably a wise move.

Rather than continue his attack on the Guardian - who have it seems made an error by claiming Derek Draper attained his MA at Berkeley rather than in Berkeley as he says himself - Mr GuF smears poor old Mr Derek. As does David Hencke back at the Guardian, possibly online only. Hencke may even have been the one who actually made the mistake in the first place.

Mr Derek says he is considering legal action. Though if he did tell Hencke, when challenged yesterday: "No, I didn't go to the University of California. I went to the Wright Institute in Berkeley. Perhaps I should have made this clearer on my website." Then there may be little or nothing to be done. Cut and thrust and all that. Though no-one will be too upset if someone does screw Guido in the courts. He's always but always threatening other people after all.

We've just checked our archives on Derek's qualifications, lest we too were taken in by the Guardian's bloomer, and we found that we simply revealed that he had a degree in his subject, linking to his agency pimp page. Unlike some people. Unlike for example Loopy Lu Beresford, bunny boiler, and Mr GuF's favourite pundit on mental health, particularly liking her speculating like a blabbermouth on a surfeit of coke on the Prime Minister's own health.

She is such a twit that she claimed maniacally (yha, ha, ha haaaaa!) that bringing back the "Politician's Politician" Mandelson was "almost bordering (sic) on self-mutilation", rather than being the genius political move that we all now recognise.

A further post on Loopy Lu followed.

No-one could find any evidence of credentials for her. And her claim of working at the Priory was at best out of date and certainly self-aggrandisement.

She was a city high flier, presumably crashed and burned, and arose phoenix like as a psycho-quack. Her book "Something I'm Not" may have outed her own little secret. In the title. Which is at least direct.

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