Thursday, February 12, 2009

LabourList: What Has Happened To Launch Coverage?

"I cannot forecast to you the action of LabourList. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is B Major."

With no apologies to Winston Churchill. None whatsoever.

"X" marks the spot. "X" the unknown. "X" the crossroads. "X" the crux. "X" the one time, former, ceased, defunct, no more. "X" the mystery something.

Looking at the page every hour or so this morning from about 7:15 am - when Derek Draper's OWN SPOILER for the big launch TODAY arrived - to now four and a half hours on. Why should Derek Draper still be the story almost five hours on? With informal not working (© Georg Soros) over coffee long gone. And there's still nothing new on the page!

NOTHING. Is Derek tidying up the cups and saucers and sweeping the dog ends up from outside the door? Or is sabotage afoot, again?

Naturally there wasn't any sign of the over-promised streamed video or interactivity for comrades unable to get to London for 7:45 am. But, come on people! Where's the STUFF? For the LAUNCH? Not even a Tweet from the Twitterer in chief?

When we asked whether Derek Draper had the X Factor four weeks ago we were sure he did have. And to a large extent we've been proved right, again. But for all critical supporters of the Brand and the Vision of LabourList there must surely be amazement at the lack of, well, STUFF, on the launch day of all days.

Got to expect it's all being held back for the Mainstream Media Derek? Really! That's a way these media can be used. That's Dale's way. Done wrong.

How about doing it the Labour way? Staying close to the people?


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subrosa said...

That picture's been taken at the local carnival in Berkerley Florida I've heard.

Zenobia said...

The Labour Way - close to the people Chris? Don't get too close they might throw things!

Plato said...

And after all the kind words you have offered in his support too.

Sucks doesn't it?