Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Iain Dale: Almost Sobbing As C4 Joins BBC in Unfairness to Tories

Not really. But the poor dear is upset that Labour people have won every Channel 4 political award they're eligible for. So far.

The Viewers and Readers Award for Political Impact is the only remaining opportunity. Brown, Cable, Johnson, Mandelson, a Spy and a Coroner. I feel a Mandy double coming on but the first four are all big hitters, though none can truly be said to be on Cam's team. Perhaps if the Blues continue to suffer the paradox of massive public support and absolutely no competitive success Caroline Spelman should follow Phil Scolari out of the dugout and on her way? Would be about time if you ask me. Surely the oligarch proprietor D Cameron (est 2005) must be getting impatient?

But back at Iain's the feelings of "Snot Fair" are so palpable that LOL almost expect a Dale outburst calling for banning of competitive sport and a-prize-for-everyone. Replacing the traditional Tory rat race model which seems to be broke.

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