Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rebutting the Right: (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang

Tom Miller is still collecting futile and mostly illogical and ahistoric essays from mainstream right "thinkers" often with no credentials, trying desperately to pin something they're defining as "fascism" on something else they're defining as "the liberal left".

Give him a hand if you have a spare moment. Of course, where Fascism as a political philosophy lies on the spectrum is contested. It is certainly anti-liberal, and anti-socialist, but it's also perhaps anti-conservative.

Popular, Self-Appointed Dictator(s) + (?)Race Based Communalism + Established Elite(s) -> Purity, Modernity, Conquest, Strength, Joy. Is that it?

Excellent rebuttal of Jonah Goldberg's holey (sic) unsatisfactory cover up for the right's demons,Liberal Fascism, attempting to shoe horn fascism into an unnatural Liberal home. It's on a Stateside tip, and it's over here.


Miller 2.0 said...

Well, fascism is certainly anti conservative in a sense... but look at what the established church power base was doing in Spain. Not always so.

Plus, the real question is whether conservatism is anti-fascist, not just the other way round...

Chris Paul said...

Indeed, indeed.

The pattern is of compliance from monied elites with these movements and of businesses built and fortunes made, retained or enhanced. Business as usual.

Whether that has been eager compliance or merely willing is an interesting question of course.

The established church was pretty diabolical when it came to fascists in the cases of IT, ES and DE at least. Though of course some broke ranks.

Have corrected the lyrical quote - no big Heaven 17 fan me - but the vid is here.