Thursday, February 19, 2009

Iain Dale Un Funny: Janet Street Porter Misses Plane in Hong Kong

Sadly Iain Dale is yet to remove the YouTube video of an extraordinarily psychologically distressed woman missing a plane. Her point was that the plane still had not left and closing the gate was a bit previous. English translation here with delightful US Tories demanding that tazers be set on the woman. Or that she gets a kicking. Oh, the company they keep. Seems that posting stuff like this may have made Mr Dale go blind and cloth eared. This is clearly is not Janet Street-Porter.

Iain's site is still showing dozens and dozens of spurious links to every post. They are not real links. Bogus links thrown up by random blog followers. Mostly chuffer trains and folk music.


Iain Dale said...

You really are an idiot. The JSP reference was clearly a joke. If this is the only way you can attack me, I dread to think what you are going to cook up next.

And if you can tell me how to get rid of those links i would happily do so. They are intensely annoying. It is all a fault within Blogger appearently. I have no idea even if it is solvable, so stop insinuating that it's me doing it.

Chris Paul said...

Obviously JSP was your little joke Iain. Doh! Not very funny really though was it? I was joking too in feigning offence and disappointment at that bit, Doh!

But the post is vile with or without that. It's a very slight hook to your constituency as an excuse to show this. That poor woman is very distressed, on the edge of breakdown, and it isn't funny. That bit was not a joke.

On the links ...

1. You could get rid of ALL the inward links I think somewhere in the bowels of the blogger software. That would mean losing any specific genuine ones.

2. You could consider something like the wordpress style of including these within comments - there may be a widget.

3. You could also politely request that the railway and folk music ones and any other outstandingly un-useful ones take down your feed.

I'm not blaming you. If you remember I tried to help when the problem first emerged by posting the problem up at Blogger. You are an A1 ingrate.

But as above there are several fixes. I'd recommend asking/telling the non political ones to take down the link feed. Get their hosts to insist if they don't agree.

They are essentially building their google scores and random traffic on the back of scribbling all over your blog and getting lots of auto-generated links on your blog of high authority.

Piracy on the blog seas.

Have you asked these people to kill their utterly off-topic and possibly rather cynical feeds?