Saturday, February 07, 2009

Interesting Times: Film of the Book, or Book of the Film?

Interesting encouragement yesterday for a book project I've been developing. For my own Snail's Pace Projects. Joke. This mentor was extraordinarily enthused with my high energy pitch. So bloody enthused that remarkably they suggested I give up on the proposed book completely.

Horror! Or not? It was not. They suggested it should be a case of "straight to cinema". With any book serving as an after the fact tie-in. Fleshing out the super soaraway and immediate multimedia. Finished while the blockbuster - apparently leaping to the top of the audience chart from two pages of A4 - is in production.

Seems like sound advice to me. Certainly a different way of looking at things. I'll crack on with it ... manana, or the day after at any rate.

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