Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tamside Mafia: Live Blogging With Malice Aforethought

The Tameside Mafia site live blogged Thursday/Friday's Hyde Newton count. Misfits, mavericks and curmudgeons they are. But essentially attacking Tameside Local government, and by definition the electorate that choose their leaders, from the ill-disciplined independent - no-one will have them - right. Not sure if there is a T Mafia connection to RC Gauci, the BNP Mafia candidate? TM are obsessed just now about Lord (Tom) Pendry once enjoying a day at the Wimbledon Championships, courtesy of BAT. BATs and Balls were discussed no doubt. And strawberries may have been consumed recklessly. Tameside Eye are still on "invitation only" mode. What have they got to be ashamed of this time?

UPDATE 16:39: Tameside Mafia point out in comment that while they may be right wing wingnuts they have nothing to do with the BNP. That is clear enough from the post ahead of their dull and distortive live blog. Also that it was Imperial Tobacco not BAT who one hosted Lord Pendry. ITs and Balls? Doesn't work does it?


Tom Hagen said...

Chris, we have no connection with Tameside BNP, the BNP or Rosalind Gaucci - completely the opposite as a matter of fact. As demonstrated in this post where we referenced your blog. As much as I am personally against the Labour Party, I am grateful that Tameside doesn’t have a BNP councillor.

Obsessed with Lord Pendry, what like you constantly bleat on pointlessly on John Leach and that Dave Hennigan? We have covered something factual as reported by the local press but continued from where they left off. Pendry received the Wimbledon gift from Imperial Tobacco and not British American Tobacco.

For your readers, the post which Chris is referring to about Lord Pendry is here.

Chris Paul said...

The idea that covering my would-be MP Leech - a charmless and deeply dishonest man - is "bleating" or "pointless" is really missing the point. He's accountable to local people. And he's in play as the incumbent in my local constituency.

And as long as the Rowen/Hennigan/Smith axis of weevils continues to rule the roost in Rochdale they're in play too.

Hennigan has become more and more obnoxious day by day as well as during the course of each "session" and now apparently works to a person specification containing just one word of four letters.

Like yourselves Tom he operates at the edge of bad taste and enjoys attacking family members and not just elected people and candidates for their politics.

But I'm not sure even he would attempt to have a laugh at the use of "sad loss" by the media following the death of hardworking councillor Margaret Oldham.

For the record can you please identify any current party affiliation you now have, and also your history of such affiliations?