Friday, February 06, 2009

Hyde Newton Ward: BNP Crushed, UKIP Utterly Krap

Strangely enough, from a standing start, the forces of UKIP in Tameside were not the force to be reckoned with which they reckoned they were. The longest journey starts with a single step. Far from gifting Labour victory UKIP proved an irrelevance. On a fair turnout Labour came close to doubling the majority over the nazi fash. Well done to all concerned. With odious convicted race hate criminal and hideously damaged goods Nick Griffin planning to emulate Le Pen and Mussolini ... Clicking his metaphorical jackboots, fiendishly twitching his imaginary lickle moustache, saluting bestially as in the Rome of ancient lays, and goose-schlepping contemptuously along the corridors of power ... we do need to show the nazi bastard and his bastard nazi hordes who's boss.


GMCF said...

Adlard was down for this election. He obviously has some "magic" doomed touch.

Anonymous said...

a good win by Labour, thank goodness.
The worrying thing is if the Tories, UKIP and BNP joined forces.
Then again, we did have 'NF-Lite' during the Thatcher regime.
I don't want to imagine what really goes on in that opportunist maniac Cameron's head underneath that Eton Ttp hat.

Dick the Prick said...

Think crushed is hyperbolic. 68% couldn't be arsed - a clear win for none of the above.

tonydj said...

The combined forces of 3 MP'S (one a cabinet minister) one MEP, the clergy and the local biased were needed to beat the BNP.....who got more votes than the other four candidates combined and who increased their overall vote.

150 Wat Tyler said...

When one considers the Pavlovian nature of the bog-standard BNP voter, many of whom vote Nazi simply because they always have (like their fathers and grand- fathers before them), it is little wonder that in some of these
Labourforsaken northern hell-holes you could stick a red white and blue rosette on a cardboard cut-out of Trevor Philips and they'd still vote for it.

The fact that many of these poor unfortunate racists can trace an unbroken line of vile BNP-voting ancestors right back to the first odious Peasants' Revolt of 1381 (some 600 years before the formation of the party itself) tells one all one needs to know about their susceptibility to reason.

Trying to engage knuckledraggers of this kidney in rational debate is not only futile but often wholly counterproductive. One is reminded of the demented harridan who, Queen Canute-like, draws a line in the sand, expecting it to
hold back a tidal wave of indigenous opinion, only to find herself up to her ears in it (and I don't mean sand), before she can say 'positive action'.

When one also considers that the neo-Neanderthal vote is further bolstered by the 'vicious' campaigning of a whole raft of state-funded organisations - outfits like Rock Against Hope, Love Music Hate Pete Doherty, Unite Against Searchlight, and The Anti-Lily Allen League, we can, I think, be rather proud of having managed to successfully field a candidate here in Hyde Newton.

Chris Paul said...

Dick: Crushed is right. Majority of 268 almost doubled towards 500 is a good result.

32% is a good turnout in many local government wards and in a by-election vg indeed. 5% more than in Didsbury West last week.

Tony DJ: Of course some local MPs and so on took part in the campaign. This is not particularly special treatment for the BNP but is normal in many a closely contested by-election.

Wat Tyler: Anyone can field a local government candidate. Less than a dozen local people need to consent in public. It has been known for misguided Lib Dems to help out if the fash are short-handed.

There is a case for some of the anti-fash activity sometimes driving the BNP vote by alerting electors to their standing and also shouting at the electors about what they must do, which ain't always the best way to persuade people.

But this material has got more sophisticated and less strident so that it tends to boost overall turnout and have a positive effect.

Anonymous: Cameron is not about to join forces with UKIP or the BNP though some of his voters have been known to support the fash, as have some LP ones here and there. Though it generally appears that the BNP's main source of support is otherwise habitual non-voters.

The Lib Dem effort seems disappointing to me. Some of their miserable nihilist front may have felt let down and supported RC Gauci.

Get A Grip said...

I think this was an excellent result even though it resulted in a win for a party I don't particulalrly support - if I'd have been a resident there last Thursday I would certainly have voted for them.

One niggle though. On very similar figures and swings you have argued that this was a crushing for the BNP but that the result in Didsbury was not equally a pasting for Labour.

Make your mind up.

Chris Paul said...

Not very similar at all. The numbers happen to be going in the same direction is all. The quantum is quite different as are the underlying behaviours from the voters.

In this case (Hyde) the largest anyone but Labour group now happens to be the BNP in a determined insurgency. Others have joined in an anyone but fascists grouping with some backing Labour as a result. The majority over the fascists virtually doubled. From not very comfortable, all to play for, to boxed off.

In the other case (Didders) the anyone but Labour posse are incumbents and it is generally agreed they do include Tories and independent lefties as well as a few Libs. They already had the opposition boxed off with a majority of 700 or so.

For the numbers to be "very similar" they'd have had to increase that to 1300.

The Didders result = business as usual, expected result, little chance of an upset. Little change in the relative positions of the parties since the ward existed. Despite incredibly weak candidate and LD team (in my opinion). Tories humbled. Yes, I suppose, it is a pasting for Labour but only the same as every other pasting. There is no step change.

The Hyde result = fascist insurgency with some real momentum smashed. They will probably decline from here as hundreds of BNP-voters revert to non-voters or choose another party of protest.

There could be a ripple effect on BNP fortunes in Euro vote. "They can't win, we'll stay at home. Or choose the best of the other 4 parties."

The Tory in Hyde also ran a far far better campaign leaving it to the fash and UKIP and presumably the Libs to do the silly sloganeering and wall to wall misery. Did their vote fall back to the same extent as the Adlard/Bean combo? Or not at all?

Utterly different. Simularities superficial.

Get A Grip said...

Hyde Newton: increase in vote for 2nd placed party (BNP) of 3%, bigger increase for incumbent party (Labour) by 9%.

Chris Paul verdict "BNP crushed" and quite right, too.

Didsbury: increase in vote for 2nd placed party (Labour) of 2%, bigger increase for incumbent party (Lib Dem) by 9%.

Chris Paul verdict, "Labour progress".

Putting these two results together shows either BNP progress in Tameside or a Labour crushing in Manchester. I know which one I prefer.