Thursday, February 05, 2009

Guido Fawkes: Likes Hugh Grant Fantasy, BNP and UNITA Too

Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF is very mixed up and/or a dirty liar and/or a hypocrite. And he's getting some stick for it from his own posse of window licking sock muppets who may well reflect the heart and soul of the Tory party better than back bencher David Davies.

Criticism resulting in some stealth editing of GuF's fanciful granting a tortured man both asylum and citizenship. Though his fib about Miliband, rather than the FCO lawyers who do seem to have weaseled a kind of truth, remains.

The sock muppets include the ideas that GuF is now doing Tory Spin Meister and disgraced tabloid editor Andy Coulson's bidding, that the tortured man has it coming, and that US Americans are expletives deleted.

The idea of standing up to the USA is however not a bad one, and brave given that GuF's right wing adherents seem to want the torture to continue. And even though Guido is himself a long time friend and ally of horrid nassy USA puppet regimes. Apparently with blood dripping from their hands. Apparently with money raised by the likes of GuF and his Tee shirts and raves. Will he renounce or explain this part of his dodgy past? As he did his youthful BNP links?

For all GuF knows some standing up to the USA is going on behind closed doors. Let's hope it is. That might just be a more effective place for it than on some Hollywood lot where a fantasy Prime Minister is trying to get his fantasy leg over. With an everywoman played by Martine McCutcheon of all people.

FOOTNOTE: Speaking of GuF's past as a fifth columnist with the BNP reminds me of the Hyde Newton by-election TODAY. The BNP were beaten by only 268 votes as I recall in the last Council elections in the seat. Interestingly "Basildon Boy" allegedly writing from N'Djamena, Chad, and styling themselves an "uber member" of something called the British Democracy Forum draws attention to the BNP and UKIP candidates. Both of whom are women. In the first comment Shaun suggests the UKipper could keep the BNP out.

The Labour For Newton blog seems a good campaigning resource. Though no details of committee rooms for today. Perhaps Rosalind Gauci (BNP) - spookily from the same village in Sicily as those overseas construction workers the BNP are orchestrating against at Immingham (that supposed geographical link's a spot of poetic licence from yours truly, but the BNP HAVE BEEN running the BJFBW/Wildcat dispute as Unity revealed) - has some thugs in tow?

Here's James Purnell's site. They'll put you in touch with the campaign.

The Tories, lying in third, are running a strong campaign while the Lib Dems are probably just lying low with not a mention of today's contest on their local website. Greens. UKIP. Here's how the BNP see things for "Brave Ros" (above).


Tamesider said...


She hasn't even been seen on the streets in Newton.
She has been described by senior Tameside BNP officers as a "waste of space"
The Tories could be the big surprise in this ward they have run a very strong campaign.
But it looks like a Labour win with a vastly reduced majority.

Anonymous said...

I think you're talking utter rubbish here in this article, but that being said I couldn't help sniggering while reading this from Staines shit:

Guido is pro-American, don't misunderstand. There is no doubt that Anglo-American friendship has served the world well for a century. Friendship does not require subservience. Friends speak frankly, friends respect each other for telling the truth to their face. Go on Dave, give the Hugh Grant speech. It would be great for Britain.

What a pity the cretin Staines didn't make this same point, or allowed many others to do so and exercise this same sentiment, over his sucking on Israeli dick when they invaded and killed over a thousand Pal civvys.

Yep, he is a cretin and hypocrite, and yes his, like Dales, blog is slowly dwindling as a result of such. They are very subdued about their stat porn this month, and fo good reason.

Anonymous said...

Ain't no such thing as a Pally civvy.

Chris Paul said...

Ain't no such thing as an honourable, brave anonymous troll. What a ridiculous thing to claim. So even babies and children are not civilians? Ridiculous. And how very feeble not to own up to your comment.

caporegime said...

Tameside Mafia are live-blogging the Hyde Newton by-election count here

Dick the Prick said...

Don't know ya know - seems odd that the Palestinian's don't stop HAMAS. Using kids as human shields is beneath contempt. Largely culpable for the consequrnces.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I see Dick, so the community of NI should have stopped the IRA years ago, and if civvys and kids get killed, then it's the community's fault because they didn't stop the IRA?

Your logic is truly Guidoesque.

Dick the Prick said...

The civvies of NI did stop the PIRA. It's a truly Beeboid prism to view NI and Palestine as similar.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk shit.

I was there many times with the security forces.

The analogy that civvys and the women and children in the communities can stop well armed, large and determined terrorist organisations was one you have alluded to with the fucking shit you spouted. Now you've been caught looking like a twat you try and weedle out of it.

Rayatcov said...

Whilst not taking sides, in the interests of truth, why is it never stated that in the beginning thousands of Palestinians were made homeless and told to move out in order for the state of Israel to be made. Also the Israelites were given the most fertile piece of land in the area. This of course is no excuse for violence but we should find out all facts before we take sides.

150 Wat Tyler said...

When one considers the Pavlovian nature of the bog-standard BNP voter, many of whom vote Nazi simply because they always have (like their fathers and grandfathers before them), it is little wonder that in some of these Labourforsaken northern hell-holes you could stick a red white and blue rosette on a cardboard cut-out of Trevor Philips and they'd still vote for it.

The fact that many of these poor unfortunate racists can trace an unbroken line of vile BNP-voting ancestors right back to the first odious Peasants' Revolt of 1381 (some 600 years before the formation of the party itself) tells one all one needs to know about their susceptibility to reason.

Trying to engage knuckledraggers of this kidney in rational debate is not only futile but often wholly counterproductive. One is reminded of the demented harridan who, Queen Canute-like, draws a line in the sand, expecting it to hold back a tidal wave of indigenous opinion, only to find herself up to her ears in it (and I don't mean sand), before she can say 'positive action'.

When one also considers that the neo-Neanderthal vote is further bolstered by the 'vicious' campaigning of a whole raft of state-funded organisations -
outfits like Rock Against Hope, Love Music Hate Pete Doherty, Unite Against Searchlight, and The Anti-Lily Allen League, we can, I think, be rather proud of having managed to successfully field a candidate here in Hyde Newton.

Dick the Prick said...

What the chuff was Omagh sonny except a watershed?

The main point which completely passed you by was that Palestine and NI have got bugger all similarities.

Anonymous said...

Omagh a watershed? Talking shite again. Omagh was the excuse the Government needed to deal with and really appease the terrorists. Omagh was the start of proof positive that terrorism works.

As to NI and made the statement, cretinous in the extreme but apparently now the stock excuse for of mongs to support Israel, that the women and children did not stop the large, ruthless and well equipped terrorist organisation using them and their communities, so they deserved everything they got, and both NI and Palestine are exactly the same in that respect, apart from terrorists now running the place.

You think we should have bombed indiscriminately in NI? WE should have invaded the south? They are very similar, at least to those in the know and used to work in that environment.

Chris Paul said...

Terrorism does work. Obviously. Over and over again this is proved. Everyone knows it. the State of Israel was founded in a terrorist bloodbath and Livny's own family were wading in the stuff.

Hamas work on two levels. They are a political movement willing to stand in and win elections, they are ready to attempt government despite all the obstacles, they have been undermined with Israel and USA's "wrong kind of democracy" argument. Which is illogical.

They have some active freedom fighters and eejits, but even among this group there are signs written in six foot high letters that a two-state peace could well be acceptable ... though not on the increasingly harsh terms that Israel seem to offer. Almost as if full time war is meeting their secret needs better than full time peace meets their published needs.

Israel appear to have killed 1200 of so Gazans in revenge for one rocket death - as it was then - and neglecting to factor in the six lives they took on 4 November operations.

Many of these Gazans were civilians and any that were fighters have a case rather like Livny's rellies had back in the 1940s. Arguably a better case at that.

Rayatcov: I think if you look in the right places you will find plenty of acknowledgement of the issues with the foundation of the State of Israel and whose land was it 1 minute before UK-France-USA gave it to Israel.

Having said that, looking forwards ought to be the way to get through this. Constant reference to history is a numbing blockage in the matter - much as it may inform the needs of both sides it cannot be changed, only viewed in different ways by peace-seekers.

The Fabian pamphlet I linked to a month or so back was useful.

Dick the Prick said...

I didn't necessarily mean women and kids as the only civvies - although bloody powerful they are. I was also including respected blokes, non-violent blokes - guardians in the place.

The thing with all measures of extremism is that they shout out moderates.

It may seem like appeasement the degrees of compromise probably vary dependent on the viewer but it's not over yet.

Ofcourse the IRA were fucking terrorists as were the UUF, UVF etc and whether it was political or just dirty drug dealing gangsters posing as politically inspired, well, I dunno.

The main point is that there is a lull at the moment. Granted £300 million could have been better spent than the bollox Bloody Sunday inquiry but I've always casually held that you throw money at people and they shut the hell up.

The intentions of HAMAS and the IDF are nowhere near what the IRA & British Government had. I think my bottom line is - thank God I don't live in the middle east - I think any legitimatacy vanished years ago and that a two state solution is nothing of the sort.

Everyone knows the next war is gonna be with Iran, everyone knows that - I think that Israel is being used as a dry run, a test ground, a front to prevent jihad escaping. It's all very well pinning hopes on Obama but if Russia, China, India & Pakistan don't get involved then this is gonna happen every bloody year.