Thursday, February 05, 2009

Iain Dale: Sue Your MP As Un-Attentive?

Some MP has been sued for being un-attentive to the complainant's needy needs. The MP has been fined £15,000 over this in some county court. I can't imagine this will stick. It's ridiculous. Iain Dale is ultimately right on this one though he enjoys the twisted idea that the (Labour) MP should be sued a bit too much.


Daphnie said...

Still looking for a job, Chris? I'm sure something will turn up. Keep your chin up.

Chris Paul said...

Cheers "Daphnie" at 2 am. I thought you were banned by your boss from posting on this blog? On pain of sacking? Then you'd be the one without the job now wouldn't you? And that would serve you right.

Anonymous said...

could Paul Rowen be done under the Trades Descriptions Act?

or Cyril Smith under the Offences Against the Person Act?

Anonymous said...

wasn't 'Daphnie' a charater out of Scooby Do?

Time to pull back the red shiny mask off the cornered crook?
If Dave H hadn't been at the Scooby Snacks and been thwarted by those pesky kids- he could have been an MP by now?

Chris Paul said...

He'd probably have been the most drunk and disorderly MP "in the House" if that particular sicko fantasy came true. Though that very naive woman who turned selective memory and stupdity to stand up for the drunken dolt after the Castlemere Frog Marching affair had still better watch her prospective seat like a hawk.