Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rochdale Raw: Contriving Rowen's Jollies to Number of Beast

Those naughty so and so's at Rochdale Raw have come up with an artificially low total cost (£1200) for their MP Paul Rowen's visit to Strasbourg as some kind of representative of the Lib Dem Parliamentary Party and Parliament.

This is so that dividing the paltry sum - which Rowen might have spent on one extended lunchtime or indeed a small portion of one tax payer funded conflict of interest - by the number of words about Gaza in his speech in a debate where mentioning Gaza or indeed Uganda or any specific issue was 100% bad form - made £6.66. The price of the beast.

Did this attempted hijacking of an otherwise disciplined debate lead to Rowen being banned from the Gaza debate? Or had Rowen decided he'd run from the Gaza debate he was supposed to be a main feature within? Or had he been sacked as the Lib Dem rep - which he promised to be - due to being such a piss poor advocate? So he wanted to go somewhere else? But he thought he'd piss on a lamp post or two first? Or perhaps he was still there? At the Gaza debate? But didn't even try to contribute?

Jollies instead of politics! Putting Paul Rowen First!

Don't get LOL wrong. If Rowen has finally cottoned on to Palestine, or Iraq, or Afghanistan now that is not a bad thing. He has no leverage for Rochdale or Gaza in parliament of course. He's a curmudgeonly Lib Dem. And in that sense an undisputed WASTE OF SPACE. But is no bad thing if he's committing to something all of a sudden.

Hurrah! in other words. But it is right and proper that we ask Rowen and Leech and Hunter, and their shifty like, to show us the evidence of their activity in 2001 and 2002 and 2003 and 2004 and 2005 - before they were elected as MPs having traded on such matters - and then they might explain 2005 and so on.

Truth be told, we just don't know.

These careerist chancers may have actually cared about these wars. And these issues. Or they may have just cynically exploited the issues in their trash-flow of dodgy leaflets ... BUT EITHER WAY .. AT THE TIME THEY DID NAFF ALL.


Anonymous said...

perhaps the low Paul Rowen budget estimate reflects a long held tradition of Rochdale Lib Dems- you get more for your brown envelope in Cyril's Thiefdom.

Also, if Paul spent much more than £1200 on his jolly then will he ever admit it?

Chris Paul said...

Don't think this is from Paul's own budgets is it? Though £1200 - not PR's figure is it, RAW made that up didn't they? - does seem extraordinarily low sided for five or six days of five star hotels and subsistence in Strasbourg, plus at least Business Class flights, plus per diems, and all.