Monday, February 02, 2009

Paul Rowen MP: Putting Paul Rowen First Every Time

You may remember how useless Lib Dem MP for Rochdale Paul Rowen (above) made his excuses and pulled out of a speech at what became another episode in the Hennigan Drunk and Disorderly, Offending Muslim Community Organisations soap opera. This was so Rowen could attend a critical champagne and canapes reception in Strasbourg, followed by a week there living off the fat of the land with his dodgy mates, followed by a rousing contribution from the podium on Gaza. Though to be fair the self-serving Rowen cannot have predicted the mayhem that the cat would play while the mouse was away. Alas, none of this Strasbourg derring-do is worth a report on his website. Probably the story was just a load of steaming trumped up nonsense to cover for some convivial International Libdemologist jollies then?

UPDATE Tue 08:51: No sooner said than done. At some point before midnight last night full details of Paul Rowen's apparent contribution were posted at his spiffing new website. Fifty six words in all. Crafted over the five days he was in Strasbourg at a rate of just over 11 words per day. "Me too!" would have done. That would have taken just over four hours to come up with. We were promised a barnstorming speech. But well done Paul. Rochdale is proud of you. Really.

UPDATE Tue 09:24: Rowen's speech was actually rather longer than 56 words. It was in a debate on the International Criminal Court on Tuesday and not in the debate on Gaza on Thursday at which a major contribution was promised and in which Rowen neither spoke nor provided an unspoken prepared speech to appear in an addendum.

Our hero looks to have broken seven shades of protocol with three or four mentions for Gaza, and also mention for Uganda, where he has business/orphanage interests, in a context where most other delegates spoke of the ICC in principles only. His only speech was a hijack.


Anonymous said...

Any utterances from the Spanker's protege about Gaza haven't been reported.

How much did Rowen's Jolly cost? Flights/hotel/meals etc?

A Freedom of Information request could reveal his menu preferences.

FOI for the Foi-e Gras and cooked goose?

fly on Hennigan's wall... said...

Hennigan's trolling about tonight. But is being a good boy. Isn't he under strict orders not to post on certain sites?

The beads of sweat must be dripping down his brow as he just can't help himself. Itchy fingers. Teeth grinding. Veins popping.

Chris Paul said...

He'll be toast as far as Rochdale is concerned before long, sad to say. The longer he stays the better because (a) it sabotages Rowen and (b) it keeps him away from crashing about elsewhere.

It is amazing that Rowen has allowed all this to go on so long. Though naturally Dave does know where the bodies are buried and he is not averse to threats and revelations.

rochdale observer observer said...

refgerence to Gaza shamelessly shoehorned into another speech.
No doubt this will be reported without any form of editorial challenge in the Rochdale Obscurer. At least Rochdale Online have more nouse.

Look at this as a minor victory Chris. it is common knowledge that both Dave H and Paul R read and complain quietly about this blog and the cobbled together CoE cobblers that Paul Rowen delivered in Strasbourg suggests a reaction to the deserved criticism his new found resolve on Palestine (albeir he doesn't want to debate in Rochdale on the subject).

Chris Paul said...

Fascinating that he didn't take part in the real Gaza debate but instead crashed as many mentions as he could into another debate, albeit related.

I even wondered whether he had actually remained in Strasbourg throughout. Or pulled another sickie?

If so it's strange that he didn't send Hennigan to sub for him. That is the way he does things isn't it? Though perhaps they have a breathalyser built in to the mic - cf suggestion re Henni's office phone - so that there's no drunk and incapable driving.

Chris Paul said...

PS Rochdale Online is not as bad as the Obscurer but Henni does have them in his pocket. With a new wheeze to replace the former hanger-on with the publisher's band nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Rochdale Online does have an employee that is to be the next Mayor. Lib Dem Keith Swift. He was not averse to positive suggestions regarding planning applications on horrible chemical sites- Akzo in LibDemborough. Once owned by the same company that invented dynamite, the chemicals it once made on the site required special emergency service procedures for evacuation. Yet when it was decided to allow planning permission for houses on the site Cllr Keith Swift suggested all the old factory made was 'just a bit of washing up liquid'.
The plans for the site even included a hotel with pool. In the run up to the planning permission being decided, Rochdale Online director and Rotarian John Kay gave supportive comments about looking forward to going for a swim in the pool there a if there were to be public community facilities available. No chance- no doubt Rotarians only.

Littleborough is full of planning surprises, including the DeLorean owing Back to the Future Lord and Lady of the Manor Speakmans who embellished their 14th century hall with waney lap fencing and planning permission for a flat cum garage in the grounds of the Adams' Familiy pile.
No doubt the loan of the DeLorean for the Old Spanker's 80th bash had no bearing whatsoever on the Lib Dem dominated Pennines planing committee.
You won't read about any of that in Rochdale Online.

Anonymous said...

and who created Paul Rowen's spiffing new website? RO Web Solutions. Shurely not Rochdale Online?

Fancy that.

Anonymous said...

Yhe next Mayor of Rochdale.
Lib Dem and part time crooner, Keith Swift.

Does loose lipped Cllr Swift allows inside information to get itself on the 'news' pages of Rochdale Online?

Cllr Swift is the 'portfolio holder' for 'Townships and Corporate Management'

how does that sit with his past appointment at Rochdale Online as 'Business Development Executive'

Here is how it was reported by Rochdale Online in November 2004-

Keith SwiftKeith Swift has joined Rochdale Online as a Business Development Executive.

59-year-old Keith brings a wealth of business and sales experience to complement the highly successful Rochdale Online Sales and Marketing team with his ability to negotiate at all levels.

Keith is a local councillor for Milnrow & Newhey and the flexible working hours at Rochdale Online will allow Keith to continue to fulfil his obligations in his ward.A married man with adult children, Keith is also well known on the local music scene as a Frank Sinatra tribute act!

Keith said: "I am delighted to be joining a first class team at Rochdale Online; I will be responsible for sourcing new business as well as servicing the requirements of existing clients."

Questioned whether his role as a Councillor may conflict with the non-political stance of the Rochdale Online News Department, Rochdale Online Managing Director Pauline Journeaux said: "Keith has joined the Sales and Marketing Department and his role is developing that side of the business.
Keith has an excellent track record of developing strong working relationships with key decision makers without using the type of aggressive sales tactics that are anathema to the culture at Rochdale Online.

"Rochdale Online has an excellent reputation and hence Keith's well known integrity and his respect within the local community will, I am sure, help us to continue to form long-term mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses."

Mutually beneficial relationships?

Malcolm's minder said...

Be careful. All this talk of Cllr Sinatra and mutually beneficial relationships for Rochdale Online could annoy Malcolm "Billy Boy" Journeaux.

You don't want him to get into his Bentley and shake his lovely long locks at you in anger.

Yeah, yeah. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

or 'Billy Boy' could direct his minions to make Rochdale Online the electronic platform for Rochdale Fib Dems Focus newsletters