Monday, February 02, 2009

NOT Separated at Birth: Are These Harringtons Perchance Related?

Yesterday LOL wondered out loud about the parentage of Master Harrington who gave Cameron/Coulson a platform to prattle in an otherwise rather charming feature involving random kids interviewing random celebrities.

No firm progress just yet. A comment stating I'm correct to wonder if Master Harrington isn't a Tory stooge. But alas no link. Above is my first adventure in random Harrington matching. NOT separated at birth, as it were. Could Master Harrington (left) be related to Mister Harrington (right) whom the Tories have picked to replace one Mr Oakley - a particularly noxious example of Tories at play as PPC in Watford? Richard Harrington had a webpage ready to go and posted I hear within an hour or so of the result.

My informant on that was Thunderdragon who summarises the Ian Oakley affair. "Richard Harrington" and Conservatives Googles up quite a few pages.

May not all be the same man of course.

On the plus side for this random link up of Tory Harringtons we have the spectacles and the conservative dress sense. Though opticians among you will realise that putative "son" is long sighted, whereas putative "dad" is short sighted. One further piece of corroboration/fly in the ointment would be that Oxford-educated and approximate Cam-temporary Harrington Snr does have two sons. The downside being that they are "teenagers" whereas to qualify for the "kids interview celebrities" thing the youngster had to be 12 or under.

Still, kids do have birthdays during magazine production cycles. Any refutations of this idle match making welcome. And also further candidates as mater and/or pater.

FURTHER POSSIBLE DUPLICITY: Looks like Richard's picture may have been flipped left to right. Though if so its tag said "rotate" instead of "Flip!".

UPDATE Tue 08:15: Thunderdragon refutes the filial connection, but alas shines no further light on how the little swot fits in to the Tory firmament.


ThunderDragon said...

Chris, I can confirm to you that this is NOT Richard Harrington's son, as I have met (briefly) both of them.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks TD. Nephew? Related to some other Tory wheeler dealer? I think we should be told how this young man fits into the Tory firmament as he surely does. And is Richard - an interesting character in his own right - an actual Cam-temporary from Oxenford?

ThunderDragon said...

Why does this young man need to be related to the Tories somehow at all? Except to fill your twisted desires, of course.

Let's look at who this interview was carried out for: the Guardian. Hardly a Tory instrument. Somehow I doubt that they would select a child who is a 'Tory stooge' as you appear determined to paint him.

As for Richard, he is a decent man and will be a great MP for Watford - unlike the useless Claire Ward.

Chris Paul said...

The interview stuck out like a sore thumb as the most humourless and as the one in which the interviewee spewed the most lightweight ME ME ME.

You say "twisted". I say it's absolutely reasonable to ask how this interview came to be and how this Tory boy came to take part.

Bit mischievous to link with Richard perhaps. But we do need to start somewhere.

Why is a blogger from Wales slagging off an MP in Watford, 100 miles away? Without any sort of argument? "Useless"? Please do explain TD. If we're going to get a Tory Govt (let's hope not) then Watford would do well to remember he last time the Tories were let loose on a recession, and at very least return an MP to resist the "let the recession bite Watford" tendancy of the Camerloonies.

ThunderDragon said...

You're still talking out of your arse with your entirely unproven assertions that this young man is somehow a Tory stooge. You're not even claiming that he MIGHT be, but declaring that he IS without even a hint of evidence, let alone any proof.

If you're referring to me with the "blogger in Wales" comment, then you're barking ntirely up the wriong tree. I live and work in Watford - and have done virtually my entire life. Claire Ward is useless. She is interested in nothing except making a bit of money before the people of Watford kick her out - which they definitely will do come the next general election.

And the last time the Tories were "let loose" on a recession, it set us up with the longest period of growth in our history. But every time we have a Labour government, recession follows.