Monday, February 02, 2009

And On That Bombshell: Clarkson Says NHS is Bloody Brilliant

Classic Jeremy Clarkson rant in The Sunday Times. He says that the NHS is bloody brilliant. And then, inevitably, he goes off on one about NHS attempts to save fossil fuel and emissions and yeh! tax payers' money.

In a recently oft-repeated-on-Dave edition of Top Gear a more reasonable James May shot the breeze with petrol head Jay Leno about a rather excellent Hydrogen- fuelled Car, the Honda FCX Clarity - range about 250 miles, 2-3 minute fill up, emits only water, almost no moving parts* - and they agreed that cars like that, and by extension of the same logic NHS greening, would mean more petrol left for the Buggati Veron driving classes:

So, the second half of the piece is pants. But the first half - "NHS is bloody brilliant" - is very reassuring. The NHS IS bloody brilliant. Labour are very proud of this public service. Tories would damage its health. They did before. Why wouldn't they again? For a nano second I am convinced by Jezzer's jeering it might just be fuelled by melted down Tories.

And on that bombshell ...

* Mother Jones say making the Hydrogen fuel ain't yet all that green. Thankfully The Progressive Engineer is more even-handed. It is already a whole lot better than the naysayers claim. And making it off peak improves that.

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