Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lib Dem Voice: Seem To Be Protesting Too Much

All stripes of MPs, MEPS, MSPs, AMs and what have you employ members of their family and/or co-pilots as assistants of one sort or another. It is hard to see what is special never mind unique about a relatively modest contract for a website and admin services awarded by Charlie Gordon MSP to his son. Perhaps there is something outrageous and exceptional about it. But nothing in Lib Dem Voice's shrill rant seems to support that point of view.

More standing in a glass house lobbing stones I shouldn't wonder.


Anonymous said...

still no news on the Rochdale triangle of how much taxpayer's cash goes to Rowen and then to Power and Hennigan.

Quite a golden shower.

Chris Paul said...

Have just stuck in an FIO request. And will be doing some more. The House of Commons have been batting most requests, of this type, back though I believe Mr Rowen is himself honourably committed to giving the Full SP ... which will be interesting if/when he finally does.