Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Luke Akehurst: "In His Usual Style" is Lifted Wholesale

Labour List gave Luke Akehurst a kind of pat on the back for hitting back "in his usual style" at attempts by Fabian head honcho Sunder Katwala to champion a pre-emptive Lib-Lab pact.

Sadly "in his usual style" in this case meant lifted from a newsletter - not online as far as I can see - name of "Liberal Demolition". Originally the brain child of Rt Hon John Spellar MP. Though perhaps Luke did write it?

And in any case it's not his fault that some at LL don't do careful.

Clearly a pre-emptive pact with the vacuous and apolitical and miserable and opportunist and snide and disgraceful Lib Dems wouldn't go down too well in some quarters. Me? I'm open minded. And Nick Clegg is the careerist type to take the bait. And that'd kill 'em off.

As I say, I'm open-minded.


Anonymous said...

I always forget.Which one's Larry,Moe or Curly?

Chris Paul said...


Anonymous said...

The Three Stooges!

Chris Paul said...

Ahhhhh! Bingo.