Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mimsy Tory Rap: Derek Draper Cool Dude MC Gets Dissed

Derek Draper is having it large; LARGE! Before he has even launched his/our Labour List he has vexed the Staines massive to a Protest Song on the web. Respeck!

Don't think the rap's much cop myself. It's not speaking to me. But it's the thought that counts. The last one - attack on the impartiality/DEC decision of the BBC based on Grandmaster Flash "The Message" is much better. But it's still thinly disguised Tory reach out to the yoof. The first video they posted being Tory propaganda on the third runway*.

No doubt someone will be doing the necessary on the Raplog.Net domain registration, tracing it back to Grant Shapps and/or Guido Fawkes and/or that Conservative Future/BNP Radio Boy.

Older readers will no doubt remember earlier Tory yoofifying at their SexyBritain site (left, click to enlarge) - which is still trading and which recently got active once more.

Their biggest hit, remarkably enough was a rappy PG+ little number "My Blog's Bigger Than Your Blog".

And although the thing was tracked back to Saatchi and un-named Tory back benchers there was certainly some CCHQ arms-lengthing going down. W-A-A-A-N-K-A-S!

* TRIVIA: The Heathrow 3rd Runway rap is based on a KRS1/BDP number called "South Bronx". I can recall joining comrade Paul Sapin (op cit) in pitching a rather exceptional programme involving this crown prince of edutainment to some commissioner (Steve Hewlett I think it was?, when he was at Channel 4?). Said no anyway.

But essentially the programme was soon made. With a different poet, by a closer Channel 4 client, with the same commissioner's involvement IIRC. And before a decent period had elapsed.


Anonymous said...

Pretty obscure, and privacy protection on domain registration. Given IP - - loads an apache server page. MySpace reveals raplog.net is 31 years of age, in a relationship, has 24 friends. registered a few months after SexyBritain in 2007. Over and out.

jailhouselawyer said...

I am sure I have seen this Draper playing David Brent in The Office.

Chris Paul said...

"Playing" David Brent? I think he's "playing" Iain Dale like a pianola.

jailhouselawyer said...

Fiddling with Iain Dale, you say?