Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More on Tory Cuts: Stupid Protectionist Viral Gets Riposte

Pie-eyed Tories want to cut £100 Billion, possibly annually from public services. But they will not say where the cuts will fall. All we can be sure about is that they plan to exempt the very richest among us from Death Taxes.

Above has popped up at Labour List in response to the facile, stereotyping, jingoistical, protectionist twittery of the so-called "Honest Food" Tory viral attempt. Fawkes was right for once - it's very wrong. Farmer Dale was inevitably on message, purring at the Tory cleverness. Unleashing tariff wars and trade barriers. Farming stock laughing stock. Should know better.


Dick the Prick said...

Good. How's about an instant 10% cut in all public sector wages over 20k? Especially all politicians - shows leadership what what.

If you hadn't noticed Chris - Blighty is skint.

Chris Paul said...

Bollocks Dick. 10% cut over 20k? What on earth are you on?

The majority of public sector earners are already on relatively low pay.

The "Honest Food" message from that Right Herbert is a shocking unthought through dog whistle mess.

And the unspecified but wassive public services cuts would be a massive redistribution from poorest to richest.

Houdini said...

Labour are now 20% behind in the polls, and you are deciding to fight the fight as of about 1984? Here's a sorry little tale for you...Labour have been in power for the last 12 years and have messed up

Negative campaigning is now seen for what it is; desperate measures. It will make Labour fall further behind in the polls.

You never know, and here's hoping, maybe the LimpDums will be the opposition next time...now there's a delicious thought!

Dick the Prick said...

Chris - err.. that's why I said over £20k thereby not applicable to those on low wages. Hmm. People should be chuffed that they have a job and the fact that interest rates have plummeted along with inflation should have saved them a penny or loads.

They then have reassurance that there jobs are safe for the next budgetary year and can look people in the face.

Dick the Prick said...
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Dick the Prick said...

OT - Prezza doing an interview on the BBC outside that Chinese restaurant that was in the programme on 'class' he did. Slipped out between after the starter!!

(My spelling is atrocious)

Chris Paul said...

Your spelling may be atrocious Dick but I'm more worried about sense and sensibility. What are you on abaht?

Chris Paul said...

Houdini: This is not a case of "as 1984" it is a case of eternal truths. The Tories mean to cut billions off public spending while giving the rich tax breaks. Vive le difference. And the 20% lead is illusory. half the electorate ain't saying which is something they tend to do when they don't think there's an election in the offing. the so called "second figures" quoted by ipsos MORI show 38-31-19.

Chris Paul said...

PS - Dick I did notice you said over 20k presumably meaning that the low paid public service workers see no cut, whereas the low to middle clerical and the higher manual and trades get screwed. A taste of things to come perhaps. Meanwhile bankers at the high end will still be getting contractual six and seven figure bonuses. Why should NHS or town hall workers pay for Tory greed? Cos that's what's got us into this mess. Gordon should have never trusted the greedy bastards to be reasonable and trustworthy. They didn't and they ain't.

Meanwhile the "Honest food" viral - the point of this post along with a quick response - is still an unpalatable, jingoistical, protectionist, dishonest, dog whistle mess.

Houdini said...

ternal truths. The Tories mean to cut billions off public spending while giving the rich tax breaks.

Says who? I have seen where a report says that an incoming Government may be forced to make that amount, but no commitment or announcement from the Tories. You cannot claim a truth by plucking a figure out of a hat from one body and attributing it to another. That is negative campaigning and is what killed Labour through the 80's. Besides, you can tell it isn't a Tory policy because Brown and Labour haven't announced it as their own. As for tax breaks for the rich...same scenario, unless of course you mean like tax and child credits for those on 60k a year? Or scrapping the 10p band?

And the 20% lead is illusory. half the electorate ain't saying which is something they tend to do when they don't think there's an election in the offing. the so called "second figures" quoted by ipsos MORI show 38-31-19.

If it was illusory the pollsters, whose reputation rests on getting these things broadly right, they would be stating exactly that position. The reason they arrive at that weighted figure is through more than just a guess, and Ipsos/Mori have traditionally been more pro-Labour. The figure isn't far off, and could be more.

If you want to be taken seriously Chris, and if Labour want to limit their damage at the next election, negative campaigning on lies is not the way to go; the electorate is more sophisticated than ever and can check the voracity of claims online in seconds. But if you want to cut taxes, we could start with the eye watering 70billiopn handed out to useless quangos that Brown said he would rid us of in 1997, but expanded nearly 500% instead. Voters now understand the lie of claiming that cuts mean a cut in essential public services, and this is again a reason not to trumpet this line.

Labour is drowning in a sea of financial and moral corruption and hypocrisy, and the only way back is to be positive; you are not helping.

Chris Paul said...

1. Says Conservative Home without a great deal of contradictions from any reader or writer.

2. The poll lead is quite high, but we've been here before not so long ago. Mine down into the data and you'll find a hell of a lot of DKs and WSs. Making the exercise unreliable in the extreme.

Houdini said...

1) ConHome doesn't make or announce Tory policy...they are not Draperlist you know.

2) Really? Maybe you should and read Ipsos/Mori website and get confirmation of that...or maybe not.

Stop it Chris, you are looking increasingly desperate.

Dick the Prick said...

How can you get screwed over 20k? I put it to you that losing your job is more emotional.

20k is a living wage - and 10% goes a loooooooooooong way.

Downward rigidities dontcha know

Dick the Prick said...

Tory greed? FFS buddy - nah, this is Labour. What Sir, are you on abaht?