Friday, March 06, 2009

Breaking News: Lord Mandelson Has Been Sludged

Apparently it's green custard and not the proverbial. What you might call "bird strike over Heathrow" from Ms Leila Deen who calmly walked away?

Sky News tell us: Lord Mandelson dismissed the incident, which raises questions about his personal security, as an "adolescent protest".

Meanwhile Derek Draper twittered: Protester throws green sludge over peter mandelson - this looks dangerous, frightening and is inexcusable.

Hat tip: Several tweets, Derek was third I think. Very short looped video from first link above:


Anonymous said...

assaulting politicians should have no place in a democracy.
This woman should be sent to prison.
green slime may cause some mirth but what if someone used acid?

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