Friday, March 06, 2009

No Requests Viral: It Ain't Funny We Ain't Got No Money

I'm kinda liking this viral from Tim and Barry TV aka No Requests.

Thatcher and Reagan and Bush and Cheney are to blame. Which by the way is how Barack Obama is able to say "WE" got it wrong - meaning USA under Bush and Cheney - whereas, much as all this tracks back to Thatcher - as Cameron himself acknowledged at Davos - Gordon Brown just cannot and should not use "WE" in the same way.

It did start getting out of control in the USA, this greed thing. With Reagan and Thatcher's Money's Too Tight (did the earth move for you Nancy) moments at the root of all evil. Which hasn't stopped The Libertarian Alliance featuring it.

Still waiting for that Thatcher apology from the spamming conservatives, who, having borrowed a smart digi-meme from Democrats in America attacking Rush Limburgh and the Republican muppetry, without any acknowledgement, added the illegal spamming operation. Hat tip to Guido for the USA steal dirt.

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