Thursday, March 05, 2009

Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!: Spam Ineffable Spam! Wonderful Spam!

Should you receive any Tory spam along the lines of calling on Maggie Thatcher (above by Marcus/Fluck&Law) to finally apologise for wrecking the nation, or similar. Gordon perhaps? Something like that I think, you will find the means to complain right here.

The guidance includes:

Unsolicited marketing material by electronic mail (this includes email, text and picture messaging) should only be sent if the individual has consented to receive them, unless the individual's details were obtained in the context of a commercial relationship and the marketing is for similar products or services. The individual should always be given the opportunity to opt out in every message.

The man responsible for busting this very clear guidance with willy nilly snowballing spamming activity at the Conservatives is one Alan Mabbutt.

He is Secretary of the Conservative Councillors Association. Although he's happy to let random Tory idiots each spam - and divulge emails of - up to four others a time he has it seems forgotten to put his non-postal contact details on his non-paper campaigning material. A small omission. Easily corrected. Mr Mabbutt can be both contacted and visually identified thusly:


Alan Mabbutt
Head of Local Government
30 Millbank

Telephone: 020 7984 8147

And no we've not added that moustache. That's real that is. Please to be sure that you do not under any circumstances spam Alan or any other Conservative. But letting him know he's breaking the rules, and that you don't like that one little bit, and that you are complaining would be just fine. Particularly no spam for who is "busy doing nothing". But once again you could just let him know what's what. Hat tip: clawsfour.

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