Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Tim Kinsella" Is A Wanker: John Leech's Right Hand Man

When I blogged about Lib Dems being all over the place I'd no idea John Leech MP would take such an interest. His right-hand sock puppet known as "Tim Kinsella" has been and visited and they've left some nasty yellow bile. John is clearly mortified. And his right-hand sock puppet is inevitably spluttering jerkily, more used to wankery than to making any kind of sense.

"Tim Kinsella", a commenter who only ever seems to appear on Manchester blogs resisting exposés of his master's guile, and whose namesake Tim Kinsella (above) is serendipitously a musician with "Make Believe", now clear of his prior drug problems, suggests that by drawing attention to Leech's "chugging" of then LD Cllr Angela Gallagher, a retired head teacher, for a total £23,000 towards his infamous 2005 election campaign, £23,000 that she could in many people's view ill afford, I am somehow patronising older people. Far from it "Tim". What I am doing is more akin to blaming the con men and con women who prey on our citizens in artifice burglaries aka "distraction burglars", "bogus callers", "hoax good causes" etc in which they trick their way into people's homes and take advantage, rather than blaming those who are robbed as a result.

I believe, and I have previously blogged, that personal donations of this kind, whether from pensioners or otherwise, should require independent professional advice. They should also require signed written agreements so there can be no confusion over gift or loan, restricted and unrestricted funds, purpose, repayment if any. The whole thing should be covered with clear contractual arrangements. Such pro formas for this purpose could also record electoral roll number, eligibility to vote, unique tax reference and whatever authorities need to clear them.

John Leech, as a man who is forever warning against "bogus charities", has behaved abominably towards Angela Gallagher and her family in my personal view. And the fact that what's he's done may well be legal doesn't make it right.

He's a festering, dissembling knob and a poor MP now isn't he?

"Tim Kinsella" also suggests that I am patronising disabled people by drawing attention to the experiences of a feisty Rochdale woman, who is by her own disclosure on Paul Rowen MP's brand spanking new website a registered disabled person, but who have bravely reported scandalous-if-true preying activity of a different kind from a Rochdale Lib Dem activist.

Once again it is the alleged filthy creep that I'm critical of "Tim". Not the victim of their underhand attentions. Meanwhile, thanks to advances in forensic science and tip offs, I can eliminate some of the Heywood Lib Dem crew from further inquiries. For the time being. Please see graphic above. The alleged Lib Dem mauler is not Cllr Peter Rush. And the alleged Lib Dem mauler is also not a woman. More anon.

UPDATE 15:26PM: Comment suggests "none of the above" but rather a "conviction politician" who either believes in something and/or has at least one criminal conviction. Given the tone I'd say the latter. The "Heywood and Middleton Six" can stand by to be exonerated. Oh, and "Tim" says he's chuffed.

UPDATE 19:53PM: Anonymous comment identified as from obsessed Tory. So called "conviction politician" specialised in younger victims, according to his record, he won't be the one. I'm told Sir Cyril Smith let on that he was an expert in such matters and told the man - a LD Cllr to this day - to defend that case. Guilty as charged. I wonder how Sir Cyril will advise the alleged filthy liberty taker in this case? Of course the one (Rochdale LD Cllr) who flashed his porn to a WPC recently got away with very little sanction. "Boys will be boys" span the ridiculously seedy Rochdale Lib Dems.

UPDATE Fri 09:06: Apparently Heyworth (the so called "conviction politician") who pleaded guilty despite Cyril's advice to tough it out - which had worked for him when a well worked up case of arse smacking and scrotum fiddling evaporated in mysterious circumstances - is no longer a councillor. Chances of him being "the one" in this case seem fairly slim. The other miscreant is Cllr Whittle who will it seems not be standing again but is still a Lib Dem councillor despite his porn flashing activities. To a Woman Police Constable. Not-Nice-But-Dim.

UPDATE Fri 16:23: An anonymous commenter using the name Ashton Andy has been gradually exposing himself as in fact being Dave Hennigan. With more and more nasty defamatory statements and ultimately the threat that an opponent's wife will be getting used by Hennigan in further attempts at smearage. And what's this? Someone, myself, has outed Dave as the libeller, and given him some back. If you were going through a divorce that had so far not been blogged or used in any way by opponents you'd think you'd have some self control over smearing and attacking them? Particularly if you were a drunk to the nth degree and had been warned to behave by your employer.

Still, perhaps new recruit Swarbrick is being lined up to take your place Dave? Was looking for a pay rise from Elwyn now wasn't he? Rowen can afford more as he's robbing the public pot to pay his political munchkins ... according to Rochdale Lib Dems' own accounts.

Below (top) Dave Hennigan; below (bottom) "Ashton Andy".


Anonymous said...

My life is now complete!

Chris Paul said...

Glad to hear that "Tim". Tosser.

Anonymous said...

I believe the perpetrator is none of those pictured but is a conviction politician.

Chris Paul said...

A conviction politician? But not presumably Sir Cyril as he wouldn't have got the young lady up the stairs in the first place, never mind pucker up. I'll add a note.

Dave Hennigan is a fool said...

Trying to clean up Rochdale's Lib Dem filth is like chopping off Hydra's heads. Those dirty scandals just keep springing up.

Denis Whittle's indiscretions should not be forgotten. He may have been pardoned by Alan 'playmate of the month' Taylor. But he won't be standing again next year.

From the MEN, 26/02/08

A COUNCILLOR is being investigated over allegations that he showed pornographic images to a policewoman.

Denis Whittle is due to meet Rochdale council chief executive Roger Ellis with his political future hanging in the balance.

A female officer made a complaint after going to Coun Whittle's home last month to discuss reports of repeated anti-social behaviour in the area.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said there was no suggestion Coun Whittle had done anything illegal.

But the council is now investigating the allegation.

Coun Whittle was summoned to speak to the council's Liberal Democrat leader Alan Taylor and asked to give his version of events.

The pair will now meet the chief executive to discuss what action is taken.

Coun Taylor hit out at the actions of the policewoman.

He said: "I am amazed at the way she has handled this and am absolutely appalled that she went to the media before coming to us."


He added: "I am aware of the serious allegations that have been made against Coun Whittle.

"Myself and Denis met to discuss them and we will both be meeting the chief executive.

"If the allegations are proved to be correct then the Liberal Democrat whip will be removed from Coun Whittle and he will be asked to stand down.

"The behaviour of any representative of our group should be beyond reproach.

"We will not tolerate any behaviour that brings the role of a councillor into disrepute."

Coun Whittle, a father of three, refused to discuss the matter when contacted by the Manchester Evening News.

Margaret Carney, the executive director of Rochdale council, said: "We have received a complaint, which is being investigated."

Coun Whittle, who was first elected in 2001, has made his name as an outspoken critic of anti-social behaviour among youths in the area.

In 2006, he said: "I have received eight death threats, threats to burn my house down, two of my kids have been beaten up, my dog has been severely injured and I have received other threats.

"I will not give up my crusade to clean up my streets of this filth, though."

Dave Hennigan is a fool said...

Would that conviction politician be none other than John Heyworth? Former Lib Dem Councillor and chair of Heywood and Middleton Lib Dems?

Now, an unemployable drunken fool who spends his time ranting on Rochdale Online at how council workers who have lost £12k under the Lib Dems pay and grading review are "lucky to have jobs".

What lessons has he learned?

Back in the early 90s, John, or Heymaker as he's known in chat forums, was convicted for a sexual offence against an under-age girl.

Defend it lad, don't admit your guilt, said Cyril.

John pleaded guilty. The Rochdale Observer reported it. A bit of a fuss ensued. But he wasn't asked to stand down.

John was now a proper Lib Dem.

Then he was quickly promoted to chair of his local branch.

Chris Paul said...

Ahhhh, Heyworth isn't a coucnillor any more? Correction will follow.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris Paul said...

I have removed a comment from someone calling themselves "Ashton Andy" and making serious defamatory comments about a third party not mentioned in this piece.

In answer to AA's more civilised, non-smear of a question, I am interested in Rochdale because like Man Wit it currently sports an unworthy LD MP, has an extraordinary richness of malaevolence from the incumbent party, and is a potential Labour gain whenever the General Election may fall.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Having a glance at the previous election results it would appear that you are far off the mark. Leaving aside the flawed Labour character - Danczuk, it would appear that Labour may event come third in Rochdale.

As for Man With - just had a look at Lucy Powell's website and it would appear that even she has given up. Labour are that bad in Greater Manchester that someone like Iain Lindley may even win in Salford. Tories deserve to walk the next election, I don't mind the Liberals but they really are an irrelevant!

Chris Paul said...

The assertion that Labour may come third is utterly foolish you libelous troll. You know that's not allowed, yes?

Lucy's website could do with a rejig as the new stories are "below the fold" which isn't the best way to go. As you may realise Lucy's campaign is proceeding very well in the papers, in meetings and events, and in printed material.

If you'd like to identify yourself and put your money where your mouth is on either Lindley winning or Labour coming third in Rochdale I'll be interested in a little wager.


Anonymous said...

So it's OK for you to do it Chris is it? I happen to know that what I am saying is true through a friend of Tom Stotts (think that is the name)

Happen to think that Labour should have selected Afzal Khan instead of this Danczuk character. His wife Sonia (or soon to be ex) is planning a huge public attack on him according to my source. This may well finish him off!!!

Politics in relatively boring in Ashton compared!

Chris Paul said...

Ashton Andy ... has hardly ever been to Ashton ... lives in Heywood ... was kicked out by wife for bi-sexual infidelity ... used to live in Heatons ... and serial drunkenness ... family in Levenshulme ... and dirty kebab stop outs ... and his publically funded employer has him on final written warning ... for persistent crass crap on blogs, forums, in leaflets, in recorded telephone conversations, in drunken emails etc etc

Particularly likely after liquid lunch on a Friday.

Ooops. Sorry Dave. This is just transparently obvious. You twat.

You're fired!

Anonymous said...

While we're on the subject of libel, I'm sure my namesake's lawyers will be in touch soon! I know how much importance they (and oh so many others) attach to partisan political bloggers from Chorlton who lack a sense of humour.

With regard to Miss (or Mrs?) Powell's website, I particularly appreciate the slide-show of her next to such big-name political figures. All she needs now is Barack Obama and she'll have the full set! Is he particularly concerned with the issues facing south Manchester as well?

Anyway, Make Believe wasn't one of his better bands. I prefer Cap'n Jazz. What do you think Chris?

Anonymous said...

*Make Believe/Joan of Arc - too experimental on occasions.

Anonymous said...

Dave Hennigan has really got himself into a pickle.

His problem is that he spins himself into a frazzle. He forgets what he has said to wnom. Then things get messy and chicken come home to roost.

He has told too many peopke about his 'special project' - to discredit Rochdale Labour PPC Simon Danczuk.

In order to do this he relied upon a bunch of disaafected fosilised Militant old Labour Tankies.

He used them like cheap bitches. It didn't matter- they were expendible. They were 'socialists' after all.

They were easy to groom. The likes of Tom Stott were openly briefing against the sitting Labour MP Lorna Fitzsimons. It was manner from Heaven for Hennigan in 2005. A pincer movement ensued with some very nasty characters from the asian community- MPACUK. There was a shocking attack on her with seriously aggressive racial and religious undertones.

Rochdale Lib Dems were investigated by their own party- Lord Reynard cleared them but behing the scenes there were rapped knuckles. Several Rochdale Labour CLP members were suspended after Lorna's defeat- due to the fact that they openly appeared to either campaign against her or give her no support in their constituency.

in the years since, Hennigan has groomed a very small bunch of disaffected Rochdale labour members who were eventually let back into the fold. As "Andy Ashton" said- they wanted another PCC candidate for Rochdale. When Simon looked the best choice some very nasty intimindation started. Funeral wreaths sent to him made national news.

Simon was voted in. "They" didn't like it. he wasn't "local" (very right on and inclusive eh?) "They" disn't like the idea he was a successful businessman with excellent contacts at local, regional and national level.
Simon was never going to be able to bring back into the fold a bunch of disaffected, lazy, useless fools how had allowed Rochdale- what should be a strong Labour heartland- to fester as a Lib Dem gain.

Rochdale Labour party needed change. It needed new blood and some touch with reality instead of flaky militant dogma. It got it with Simon. But what did a few dissafected fools do?

They allowed Lib Dem Spin Doctor Dave Hennigan to peddle a fantastic story. He groomed an easily pliable and angry young man to spread libellous rumours. Then he sat back.

The mistake hennigan made was bragging about it. he boasted that he had the Labour party by the balls. A tactic no doubt he was taught by serial abuser Cyril Smith.

The dissaffected CLP members took the bait hook line and sinker. They did Hennigans work for him spreading libellous rubbisn that hurt a young, innocent woman. Very right on eh?

Hennigan then brought in the help of his buddies at Rochdale Online- a cyber schoolyard where the bullies all gang together to administer their own special local justice.

Dave Hennigan also got colleagues in Heywood Lib Dems to post tit bits on the messae board. He then enticed a the disaffected CLP members to post on the forum site too.

Ordinary people could see what was going on.

So what have we learnt?

1. Rochdale Online can be manipulated by Dave Hennigan.

2. A few CLP fossils can be manipulated by Dave Hennigan. Goodbye to bad rubbish.

3. Dave Hennigan manipulates some of his Rochdale and heywood Lib Dem colleagues to dish libeelous dirt. Many local Lib Dems feel very uneasy about it and say so to Paul Rowen. Dave is on very thin ice. The ice is now cracking. Those who live by the sword are now realising that taking the moral high ground has consequences- making accusations about people on Rochdale Online allows for the ligitimate enquiry into how these public figures live their lives.

Old spankers. Drunks and adulterers. Pornographers. Nonces. Convicted sex offenders who admitted their guilt and received criminal sentences. Councilklors who are now being investigsated following serious allegations of sexual misconduct?

Politics in (curently) Lib Dem Rochdale could never be described as dull.

Dave, what goes around come around.
I couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
The Fedral Party knows about your antics. You are a liability. That is why you will never get the call to go to London. or to get the safe Westminster seat that you covert so much. To the detriment of any morals, loyalty or integrity.

What a sad failure.
And dragging others down with you. The ones that relied and depended on you.

Anonymous said...

Dave Hennigan, Adam Power and now John Swarbrick. All paid by Paul Rowen's expenses to 'work' for him and the Rochdale Lib Dems?

Are Rochdale taxpayers getting value for money?

Or is money being thrown around here, there and everywhere without being fully accounted for?

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