Sunday, March 15, 2009

Céad Míle Fáilte: LOL Readers' Favourite Photographs

St Patrick's is Tuesday of course. But today's the day for the big Manchester parade. Here's a favourite reader's favourite image from the big day. Dating from 2001 I believe. I promised to try to use it on the blog one day. So here you go. Happy days.


Anonymous said...

was this photo taken before Dave ran off with a bottle of vodka and was seen giving it a hug.

Let that be a warning to all budding political operators about the liquid demon.

make a mess of things and end up living alone in a flat in Heywood working for a joke of backbencher in Rochdale.

but at least the money is good for Dave.

Chris Paul said...

that's a bit bitter anon ... a gallon of bitter in fact ...

Anonymous said...

Quite mild actually.

In vino veritas - or is Dave the exception?

Anonymous said...

When he has enough to fall over and can no longer speak he's finally getting close to truth telling.

Anonymous said...

Is that fresh faced young pup on the right really Hennigan?

Crikey, working with Paul Rowen has taken its toll on those fresh, innocent features.

He's now balding, haggard and putting on weight. Years of rancid Libdemology amd Cyril's cheese, onion and asbestos pies have utterly transformed him.

Happy days indeed.