Sunday, March 15, 2009

Davies, Dorries, Even Dale: All The Tory Ds Wrong By Law

David Davies the younger, the one with the brass i, has called for a law stopping protests like that one at Luton. Against serving soldiers. Not sure what veterans, or police, or scouts and guides, or other uniformed instruments of the state have done to be excluded from this new-fangled Tory protection.

Liberal Conspiracy rightly suggests that Brass I Davies is a signal of the big state authoritarian instincts of the Tory heartlands. Iain Dale hasn't quite thought things through and asserts that the utter muppet Davies is "clever". Offering something a bit hard to follow suggesting that this would be the same as laws protecting religious groups. And that dim Davies uses the exact same wording apparently. Ever so clever that. Like a Macaw.

The Royal Anglican regiment and others are big enough and strong enough to stand up to a few protests. Words will never hurt them. Even sticks and stones they can handle.

Given a little time I'll blog the correct line on all this. Before too long I hope, though I have a humungous backlog to make up. But Davies and Dorries and even Dale - many of the Tory Ds - simply have not got close.


janestheone said...

"the Royal Anglican Regiment"? they've got God on their side then!

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. Isn't that the name then Jane? Ooops.