Saturday, March 14, 2009

Conservative No Future: Tory Projectionists Unfit For Purpose

Great exclusive from Blackburn Labour Party yesterday. Conservative slogan caption generator hilarity. Perhaps collect some results together leter. Sadly the generator itself has been parked up. Not like the Conservatives to not think things through though ... or even recognise the lessons of history. The begatter muses:

It seems a lot of people have used the logo maker over the past few hours. It wasn’t for the use I intended, and perhaps I should have forseen this. Evidently some Labour supporters have a fair bit of wit about them. I was wrong to expect everyone (no matter their political views) to use it sensibly.
Maybe I’ll bring the maker back in some form, who knows.

The GOP did remove theirs too, eventually. Dale Hamster from Blackburn CLP, Blood Boil from Tom Harris MP, No Future from Leaves on the Line.

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