Saturday, March 14, 2009

Conservative Home: Why Are Tories Talking Down Obama?

I'm not sure why Conservative Home's Tom Montgomerie would want to pimp this Wall Street Journal report suggesting that Obama has been losing his overall popularity rating, though he is still in aggregate positives. Bush, they say had better at the equivalent time in 2001. Let's just wait and see how 2016 compares with 2008 shall we Tim?

I can only imagine that "Sorry" Tories, unable to point to any major economy now doing it the "Tory way" or any that avoided recession by following the "Tory formula" before the troubles began, with Iceland the stand-out Tory-led distress story of course, are hoping that the Brown/Obama rescue plan can be talked down and made to fail ... being as this stuff is largely about "confidence".

It is interesting to note that (a) Co-author Scott Rasmussen is shamelessly pimping his own company's already out-of-date poll and (b) that net approval rating has leapt by a third from 6% to 8% from the WSJ quoted level to today's figure, released less than 10 minutes ago. With data collection ended around the time Tim tweeted on the matter.

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