Tuesday, March 24, 2009

McCurry and Akehurst: Sadly Mistaken on AWS, Reds Under Bed

Vote Red Go Green is correct that All Women shortlists are important and effective. Even if there's some local unfairness here and there this is not much to ask versus near universal unfairness for 100 nay 1000s of years. The pi charts and the distribution curve are amusing also. Though they shouldn't really be called "science".

Apart from the Tory trolls, some cross dressing for the occasion, there is one Dan McCurry, himself seeking a candidacy I believe, who is making seven shades of idiot out of himself with condescending, patronising, generalising, misspeaking. He thinks the era of unfair discrimination is over. Though he has no supporting argument for this flimsy assertion. He compliments the author along these lines:

"Very brave missy for having the debate, most females I raise it with and tell they're wrong wrong wrong, they go fucking crazy".

I exaggerate slightly for effect. I'm pleased to say the original remark has now been chopped.

Meanwhile over at Akehurst's the original Lukeian Tendancy militant has moved on from smearing two leading candidates for selection in Erith and Thamesmead, one Labour left, one less so yet still left of Luke, to some Trot (and Fabian) bashing. Reds under the bed anyone?

In between Luke has a right old giggle that Nigel "Office Striptease" Griffiths MP oughta be ashamed for having non-Lukeian views on Nukes rather than for cheating on his wife of 30 years. Reds over the office sofa as it were.

Incidentally Luke's one favoured candidate for Erith and Thamesmead is 22 years old and graduated last summer from Oxford. A very impressive young activist. The two candidates he dismisses with his favourite smear "left wing" have I believe been grafting in the area for longer than Georgia Gould - name ring any bells? - has been alive. CORRECTION 18:15: Luke is in fact supporting one Rachel Maskell, the Unite pick.

As part of Luke's attack on the Fabian tendancy he claims they - specifically big cheese Sunder Katwala - haven't lived when it comes to practical campaigning. So you'd think he'd be leery of promoting someone to PPC who hasn't pounded the streets of the constituency for at least ten years. Whoever her parents may be, whatever her Oxford PPE class, and even if she started her career at 16. Above, far right, with Margaret Hodge in the Camden New Journal. CORRECTION 18:15: And he is. Though Rachel Maskell's track record is unknown at the time of writing.

Perhaps Georgia'll get in. Perhaps Georgia'll be fine. Much as I support the AWS approach I can see how such a selection would be very annoying for the likes of Dan McCurry. And Rachel Maskell.


Luke Akehurst said...

I have never met, let alone "favoured" or supported Georgia Gould. The first I ever heard of her was in the press this weekend.

Like my post says, I voted for Rachel Maskell when Unite decided its nominee for Erith & Thamesmead and having participated in that vote I am very proud to support my union's nominee.

Chris Paul said...

Corrected with apologies.

The Amazing Toad said...

"Even if there's some local unfairness here and there this is not much to ask versus near universal unfairness for 100 nay 1000s of years."

The robotic, brave-new-world ideology of the sociologists in a nutshell!

Chris, ask yourself a question; if male domination of the workplace has been a fact for thousands of years, is it really likely that it's a worldwide male conspiracy that has been passed from generation to generation through the ages - even coinciding in isolated communities? Or do you think it may be down to something more fundamental?

For the last 30-odd years, your friend Ms Harman and her ilk, have been engaging in an ideological war on human nature. Ever more social engineering to correct society's ills, eh?

Chris Paul said...

Why do you care about Labour's policies Amazing Toad? Are you a dispossessed male prospective-PPC? Or are you just a very thick misogynist?

The Amazing Toad said...


I care about Labour's policies because I am paying them to run the country.

Could you expand on why my comments would portray me as "a very thick misogynist", please?