Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Know How To Whistle?: Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow

"We need Capitalism with a Conscience" whistles Dave Cameron. Iain Dale is nowt but a noddy dog at this dog whistlery. Above for dramatic reconstruction of how engaged Mr Dale feels when Mr Cameron puts his lips together, and blows. You know how to whistle, don't you? Who-Whooo. Go and have a read. You know you want to. Meaning Dale's presentation of yet another vacuous speech. Not the whistling lesson.

If David Cameron, and/or George Osborne, are able to identify a Tory-style economy of a reasonable size and relevant activity mix somewhere in the world that (a) avoided problems or (b) has cut spending and taxes as a successful way out ... then he might have some credibility laying the blame on Gordon.

If he thinks of Tory-run Iceland and Tory-run America - both in the van of making the worst happen - then he'll perhaps shut his plummy cake hole and be just a bit more humble and a bit more reasonable. Here's what he might say instead:

Let's be honest! Like Ken Clarke! We Can learn a lot from old Ken. We'd have got in exactly the same mess, probably faster and more deeply" he should begin. "And by cutting taxes and expenditure we would have crippled Britain's economy far more too" he should continue. And then would come the call for support:

"If you like the sound of that ... vote Conservative."

"We'll bring you a depression to die for! In fact you'll have never been more depressed in your life! Not even under Lady Margaret!"


No fan of Dave said...

What utter bollocks.

“We are the party of law and order. So we are the party to bring law and order to the financial markets,” foams Dave.

Gibberish. Bunkum, pish and tosh.

Are Dave and the Tories really serious about bringing law and order to the financial markets?

Here’s Dave in the FT not very long ago making a right wing rallying cry to protect the banks.

David Cameron has called on centre-right leaders across the world to unite to defend capitalism, warning that the left could use the banking crisis as an excuse to "wreck" the financial services sector.

The Conservative leader said the UK and other countries should not overreact to the turmoil on world markets, and that "sensible" steps to improve transparency and regulation were the correct approach.

More ridiculously, here’s Dave at Davos earlier this year claiming that what the world needs right now is good old Thatcherism.

“It’s time to place the market within a moral framework....In the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher led an ownership revolution that gave millions a new stake in our economy. That was truly popular capitalism and we've never needed it more than we do today."

But if Dave likes dog whistling, Boris Johnson is more interested in wolf whistling. Here he sets out the Tory approach to the banking crisis in The Telegraph.

“Before we get carried away with neosocialist claptrap, we should remember the huge benefits brought to this country by bankers and the City of London."

The Mayor said that banking was one of the few global industries in which the capital "truly excelled" and suggested that people should stop "whingeing" about house prices boosted by City bonuses.

“There are some strong feelings out there: Schadenfreude at the bankers who have been punished, indignation at those who have not. Which is why it is time to enter a note of defence of the banks, the City and the general practice of lending money for profit.

“And before you go whingeing to me about house prices boosted by City bonuses, whatever the disasters of the sub-prime sector, these products allowed millions of Americans to own their own homes."

Compassionate capitalism and the Tories? Think again.

Chris Paul said...

I've thunk and I'm not thinking what he's thinking.