Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Jady Goody Inheritance: Donal Blaney is a Despicable User

Donal Blaney (below right) is a user. And an idiot. A complete fecking idiot. Using Jade Goody's celebrity death and her well managed and very healthy endowment to her sons as a colossally insensitive hook on which to call Gordon Brown a "grave robber". That's what they call psychological projection. Donal is the grave robber here. Confused? Let me explain.

He can adopt a playground/cemetary taunt, thinks Donal, because Gordon thinks that current arrangements give enough of a net estate to go free of death duty aka inheritance tax, whereas the Tories wish to give the 3,000 or so richest estates in the land a tax break until they amount to £1 million (plus £1 million for combined estates) tax free. Donal thinks that pointing this rich-get-richer scam out to the public is a pinko love triangle plot between Labour, the Guardian and the BBC. But facts is facts mate, facts is facts.

Clearly Jade Goody has been well advised. Clearly Jade Goody has set up a Trust fund for her boys. Clearly Jade has already put £4 Million aside. Clearly the sum involved will continue to grow as receipts from books, and syndications, and TV rights, and DVDs, and image rights, and sound investments, and dare I say merchandise, and so on roll in.

Clearly Jade Goody has strategically married the odious little scrote, and like Donal the user, who happens to be the father of her children. That's not Donal, that's Jack the lad of course. Looks like the uneducated everywoman Jade Goody has far more sense and sensibility than right-wing idiot Tory blogger Donal Blaney. And, hurrah, Donal seems to be in charge of bringing on the new generation of Tory idiots who have managed so very many sordid scrapes already under his underhand tutelage.

The Tory policy on Inheritance Tax has been the subject of such huge lies to the British Public that it helped generate quite a rise in the party's popularity. There is an extraordinary fellow feeling grown up over tax in which even the poorest can be dog whistled into thinking they should be against tax for the very richest.

Osborne and Cameron wilfully pretended that their scam for the richest idiots in the land - the ones with more money than sense, the ones that can now be tapped to donate to the Tories - was actually an almost universal boon to the people.

What Tosh and Tripe!

The fact is that Kenneth Clarke is no mug. He knows that it is tosh and tripe, knows that it should not be a priority, knows that even the right wing tabloids will suss out that only the very wealthy would benefit, knows that he cannot in all conscience continue to pretend that Osborne and Black Wednesday Cameron are boy geniuses.

That's the beauty of Ken Clarke. He knows he should be leading the Tories. He knows he should be vying with Brown to be Prime Minister. He knows Osborne was already completely exposed as a grandstanding muppet. Ditto Cameron. He is now on hand to take them down. They did it to themselves. All because they were running so very scared of the Mandy effect. "A big boy did it" they thought, as Peter ran rings round Osborne's Cor Phew attack, "Our dad's bigger than your dad!" And so he is.

The Tories are faced with a stark choice. They can flex their rhetoric to include the idea that, OK well yes, this was a luxury ticket item for a tiny minority of the stupid rich. (And that the quid pro quo was inadequately priced licence to cheat taxes for the non dom rich.) They can kick it into the manifesto long grass as some kind of aspiration. They've done that I suppose. They can then simply sack it completely. Blaming the global financial crisis. No, sorry, that won't do, blaming Gordon Brown. Or last but not least I suppose they could sack Kenneth Clarke, again.

Meanwhile someone should have a word with Donal. He is an insensitive idiot. He maintains a hate-hate relationship with Gordon Brown. And, HE Donal Blaney, is the A1 Grave Robber and A1 Eejit in that relationship.

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