Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is There No End To It?: Labour List Makeover Continues

Was alright for a gimmick and a weekend off for Delboy, but after the initial Tweets Out For The Boys, and giving Derek's blog a good seeing to, still the Labour List women come back for more.

Starting where I left off in the last jump page:

* Harriet Harman's response to some of it
* Trotty Rebecca Galbraith saying Harriet should go swivel
* Jessica Asato introduces the LabourWomen group blog [HERE]
* Green goddess (and Tory?) Leila Deen on custarding Peter
* Joy Johnson claiming that attacking Harriet is pure misogyny
* Look how far we've come says Anne Perkins
* Angela Eagle rips apart the Tory IHT plans and
* Laurie Penny rips apart the "Jacqui Smith" VAW initiative

MEANWHILE: I was not sure Tavarisha Sadie Smithskova realised she is still broadcasting to Labour List, but I've checked the small print. And she does.

UPDATE 19:32:

* Emily Thornberry Looks Back on February Women's Summit
* Dan McCurry tries Gentleman's excuse me call for coalition
* Horizon-broadening Anne Fairweather asks "Why Europe?"
* Feminism is NOT a dirty word proves so-called "poll"
* Finished with you for now Derek,
says Rowenna

The last post being illustrated by this picture of that sensitive yet ambitious chap from the Joy of Sex with a couple of feminists. Looks a bit pale.

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