Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Moston Ward By-Election: Round-Up, Runners and Riders

Even the trees are Red on Moston Lane, Manchester. Where, following the untimely death of Nuclear free City campaigner Cllr Bill Risby (below right) we have an upcoming by-election.

The Manchester Labour candidate for Moston ward by-election (Thursday 9 April) is .... Rita Tavernor, a long-standing local member and resident. Kathy Crotty, another long-standing local member and Moston resident was runner up.

The BNP have been organising in the area for some time and will no doubt try to and indeed succeed in dragging out a crew of habitual non-voters to support them.

The deadline for postal vote application is Wednesday 25 March. The deadline for withdrawing nominations is today at noon (PDF of full timetable) at which point we can be sure who is going to have their names on the ballot.

I am pleased to see the Lib Dems organising with the clown prince Marc Ramsbottom apparently agent, possibly meaning he will be PPC again. Against the odds really. Moston has switched from Blackley to Central under changes for the next parliamentary contest.

Tim Hartley - a Town Planner - is the Lib Dem candidate. Note dodgy bar chart showing state of the parties in the Town Hall rather than the result of the last parliamentary covering Moston, or the last ward election. Having noted this LOL wonder whether it is true that only the Lib Dems can beat Labour in this ward!??

The BNP - here reminiscing about the declining days of the National Front and some anti-fascists called the Moston Brigade - are standing the rather odious old fash Derek Adams rather than one of the boys. 'Twas Derek that a Respect woman sidled up to at GMex c 2004 remarking: "I bet you have a tiny dick too" (with finger and thumb held close to eye gesture) which as I recall caused some not so tiny squirming from the ne'er-do-well.

Derek Adams was turfed out of a community meeting in the area last autumn. Because he and his crew of fascist hoods were not resident in the area. Derek himself was doing his usual thing of videoing proceedings without permission, including, according to reports in the local paper, taking shots of young children.

If he has the wit to put a tape in his camera he may have footage of me calling him some bad words, quite unrelated to "tiny penis", on the Town Hall steps when he was infiltrating a local housing renewal consultation.

If I had to guess I'd suggest that a likely lad name of Phil Donohue (Dono-who?) - new scourge of local Moston grot - may be the Tory candidate.

The Green Party have yet to announce their candidate - hopefully they haven't messed up again - one of their few national figures Dr Spencer Fitzgibbon was born in the area. He edited the Caroline Hayes' penned pamphlet "Too Yellow to be Green" about Lib Dem greenwash. His PhD is in Military Studies and he is a former Terrier Para.

There is a Vote UK discussion forum. Lord Greaves (Lib Dem) has posted miserably on their pathetic prospects. Change the bar chart? Will they place 4th or 5th? And the first post has the result last time:

Labour 1551
Conservative 936
Lib Dem 398
Green 246

And here are some further links to the fascist filth:

"Moston Martyr", here and related video, here and to the BNP admitting spreading race rumours, here. With some class Labour-knocking from white supremacists in comments on that last one.

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oh no,we picked another nice twentysomething,whats needed is a good old fashioned hang em whip em and flog em type(and i dont mean Blunkett!)