Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Will Parbury: Grizzler Bought Off With Draper Champagne

Will Parbury has won the Labour List slogo champagne. For what should be above. But the graphics file is corrupt. The slogan says "Compassionate Outside, Conservative Inside". We hope the bubbles get right up his nose, and then he chokes on it, proving that as Labourists and fellow bloggers we are compassionate all the way through. Like rock.

Of our own superior efforts we cannot decide between: "Clotted Cream, Conservatives", "Cyanara, Conservatives", "Toff Talking, Conservatives" and "Significantly Richer Than Tha', Cameron's Conservatives" with 100+ more taken into consideration.


Will Parbury said...

Hi Chris

I can assure your good self and readers that I have not in any way been brought off. Indeed the said champers my well be heading in your mancunian direction. Can I help it that certain sections of the Labour blogsphere consider me to be the king of Tory logo making 2009? (Also see blackburn labour)



Chris Paul said...

Yes, you can help it. You can insist on a recount. You might still win.

You must believe that after all to come on here, effing and blinding, shouting the odds.

On the other hand, justice might be done and the hilarious and knowing "Cyanara Conservatives" or "Clotted Cream Conservatives" could then win.

Justice could be done.

But the bubbly towards MCR thing is interesting of course and as ever you are most welcome to impose on the House of Love.