Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Moston Ward By-Election: Official Runners and Riders

Further to our morning post the full racing card has been published. It will be Karl Wardlaw for the Greens. Otherwise as expected:

David Ottewell loves a good typo and will no doubt be beside himself with glee that the Council have made yet another mistake. Making the by-election in 2008!!!! ROFL. Ahem, not.

With 78 more journos getting the chop at the MEN and GMG stable of papers it may be that we'll see even more errors and more press release journalism in these papers.

STOP PRESS 17:31: The MEN are now carrying a story - including the candidates list - about church leaders calling for ordinary people to challenge racist views, and the BNP. Incredibly the paper has given the BNP candidate an extended and unanswered right to reply:

“It seems amazing – the church is supposed to give moral leadership, and Britain's laws have been formed on that moral basis.
“They're fighting against the only party that stands up for Christian values. It's no wonder people are leaving the church in droves.
“They're not giving any leadership. The clergy are meant to be giving moral guidance, opposing things like homosexual activity.
"The churches are being turned into mosques and these so-called leaders are doing nothing about it.”


Anonymous said...

Churches going against the BNP? Reminds me of the campaign in Hyde Newton.

Anonymous said...

And your point is?

The MEN are way too "fair" to fascist fractions IMO. I'd check the memberships of some of the sub-editors to be honest.

Derek Adams is a tw*t.

Anonymous said...

Moston result just in :Sinn Fein hold

Anonymous said...

It's about time the myth that the BNP take Conservatives votes was laid to rest.
Compare these two results from Rochdale.
Norden Ward 2007:
Con:1234 Lib Dem 1153 Lab 292

Norden Ward 2008:
Con 1450 Lib Dem 874 BNP 421 Lab 278.
Interesting eh?