Sunday, March 01, 2009

Oh Brother!: Unite to Defend Worker From Capitalist Smears!

Oh dear me. I'm no fan of the way Brother Derek Simpson - above protesting at proposals to cut his wages - has conducted himself in his campaign for one more year at the coal face. Ballots close on Friday this week. But further smear stories in the right wing press?

We really must all stick up for Brother Derek against this unfair onslaught. As six, count 'em, comrades did against The Times in letters to the "Election Special" Unite Comic.

He's no monk of course. But nothing is too good for the workers. It would be quite ridiculous if bonafide working women and men represented their sisters and brothers against the fat cats of capitalism. Ridiculous. Authenticity is vastly over-rated in such matters. I am quite sure that there are perfectly sensible reasons for his stays at the Waldorf Hotel. The Mail on Sunday are being sooooo unreasonable, and inevitably the GuFster is jumping to harsh conclusions and not giving Delboy the benefit of the doubt.

MADCAP MAYHEM with the UK's Clumsiest Monk.

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