Sunday, March 01, 2009

Iain Dale and Donal Blaney = Liberals: God Hates Cigarettes

Ho, ho, ho. Donal Blaney and Iain Dale will be impressed to be called "Liberals" by some transatlantic rightist name of Ryan in comments here. They are Tories, Conservatives Ryan. And not exactly on the Tory left. At least not in most issues. See Iain's post for an exception.

Krohn's oration was vacuous tub thumping and arm waving.

He didn't actually say anything much. Just a book plug. Dog whistles by the politically deranged for the politically deranged. Iain Dale tells an anecdote at the link involving his best Paddington Bear gimlet stare to force one of these homophobic whackos - at the same CPAC rally (2008) as Krohn's rabble rousing (2009) - to shake his hand politely.

HERE is a good jump post, from one Simon Jones, who is an Englishman abroad (and possibly at the thoughtful/sinner end of Christian Right Talibanism himself, just for some American churchian loons (also above, in anti smoking protest?) in video action.

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Anonymous said...

Despite what I wish, I still live right here in the UK.

Thanks for the link! :-)