Sunday, March 01, 2009

Precocious Right-Winger (13): Needs Slap Say Donal, Iain

This is the allegedly precocious Jonathan Krohn (13). He is a "Conservative" by only some of the definitions the term may conjure up in many poor deluded simpleton adults. Particularly USA Fundies I'll be bound. They were baffled into a standing ovation. Donal Blaney is attacking the arrogant pipsqueak from the left which tells us something; and he claims that Iain Dale has misrepresented poor JK by neglecting to point out the British, or English, Conservatives of the same stripe. Ooooh, like Nadine Dorries. Though she's not precocious as such.

William Hague's conference speech as a 16-year-old was far more coherent and showed far greater potential than this serial happy slap victim in waiting. With Donal having first dibs. And Iain Dale possibly close behind. Krohn will go the way of kutchie kutchie Musical Youth and long-haired Little Jimmy Osmond.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

He has an excellent stage presence and is well-versed in basic conservative ideals.

I found him both entertaining and refreshing. If he's drawn the ire of liberals then he definitely has a future in politics on the right.


Chris Paul said...

Ho, ho, ho. Donal and Iain will be impressed to be called "Liberals". They are Tories, Conservatives Ryan. And not exactly on the Tory left. At least not in most issues. See Iain's post for an exception.

Krohn's oration was vacuous tub thumping and arm waving. He didn't say anything much. Just dog whistles for the deranged. And no, I'm not angry Ryan. I think this sort of thing is a boon for the centre.