Monday, March 30, 2009

Orwell Prize Shortlisted Blogger: Makes Complete Arse of Self

I'm not sure how many times Iain Dale has mentioned being shortlisted for the Orwell Prize since he made the final short list of six. Quite a few times yesterday, Sunday. But it will not be posts like this that win the boy wonder any glittering prizes.

Back on Monday evening, having had a day to reflect on Jade Goody's achievements in terms of providing for her boys, right-wing Tory user Donal Blaney spouted some very stupid crap. Twisting a cute and factual Sun story into an opportunity to pimp George Osborne's dumb ass Inheritance Tax break for millionaire estates.

Blaney is an idiot. Anyone that ever repeats his crapulence without first pointing out Blaney's standard idiocy needs to think again. Sorry Iain Dale, this is not the kind of point that wins prizes. This was days ago. We said this then. Last Tuesday. Blaney is an idiot.

Jade Goody had tax planning. Jade Goody had a Trust for her boys. Jade Goody was married too. Patrick 4:40pm explains:

No death taxes incurred between husband and wife ... That was the main point of them getting married (a week before she died) - to avoid a hefty IHT bill.

Others missed that wisdom and explained in more incorrect detail how Jade Goody's boys were going to "lose out" because of Labour versus a Tory proposal that has already been fragged by the real Shadow Chancellow Ken Clarke. Some lefty eejits contribute their view that the boys should lose out. Still more Iain readers repeat the basic fact that Jade's boys would not lose out in this theoretical comparison. Or at all. Then some eejit pipes up; oh look it's Donal Blaney:

She could certainly have done some clever tax planning to avoid IHT altogether. If she did then good for her. Avoidance, after all, is entirely lawful. But leftists hate avoidance AND evasion of tax, so surely they cannot approve of her avoiding tax? Surely?

Clever Tax Planning? In this case involved getting married. Is all. Oooo! Very clever. And a Trust of course. To cover most future eventualities.

I've no idea why Donal was such an arse in the first place. Well I do. But I'm too polite to say. But five days on there really doesn't seem to be the slightest excuse for such a preeminent blogger as Orwell Prize shortlisted Iain Dale compounding such a foolish schoolboy error.


Anonymous said...

Just noticed how Donal Blaney’s company Griffin Advisers Ltd boasts the following on its website:

Campaign and media management for the successful election of Greg Hands as Member of Parliament for Hammersmith & Fulham in 2005 and the successful local council campaign for the Conservative Party in Hammersmith & Fulham in 2006.

Griffin Advisors changed its name from YBF Conferences in 2006

Could someone try and find the the matching register of members interest entry for Greg Hands or the donation in the Electoral Commission register or the expenditure reported on the election returns - as i haven’t been able to find anything at present.

Griffin Advisors had accumulated losses of £111,330 in its last annual accounts - whoch I’m sure are no reflection on Terence William Donal Blaney’s business skills.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

And a Trust of course.

Do you have a Trust, Chris?

Chris Paul said...

A most excellent lead. Many thanks anon.

Chris Paul said...

Do you have a Truss, Obnoxio?

Just now the house of love is not too vexed about the £600,000 limit for IHT to be quite honest with you.