Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tom Harris MP: Free Speech Champion Censors Comments

Tom Harris MP did in fact utter the word "poof" in the Commons Chamber yesterday, in the last contribution before his cause was lost.

But he did not pass my comment, which you can read in full on this blog, on his explanation for his first ever rebellion on a 3-line whipped matter as fit to print.

Readers may wonder what has offended Tom, or his lawyers, in my rather coy note:

Was it my calling Baron Waddington:

(a) Useless
(b) Arse Hole
(c) Freemason
(d) Asbestos conspirator (with Sir Cyril Smith)
(e) Miscarrier of justice ("defence" on Stefan Kiszko case)

Or my calling Sir Cyril Smith:

(a) Asbestos conspirator
(b) Egger on of miscarriage of justice

Or my pointing out THE FACT:

(a) That Ronald Castree, convicted in Kiszko's place after Waddington's feeble efforts were superceded, was the son of prominent Cyril Smith supporters in Rochdale

Or my pointing out that:

(a) Paul Rowen MP, having claimed very recently that there was absolutely no risk from asbestos in schools, having failed to criticize Sir Cyril on asbestos behaviour, and having failed to take residents' part on stopping redevelopment for housing of the asbestos killing fields ... is to lead a Westminster Hall debate at 4pm today. On asbestos in schools.

Naturally, for fear of censorship, I did not point out the buried police case against Sir Cyril Smith for allegedly sexual smacking and fondling and sponging down of young apprentice boys under his care. When he was a Labourite for the second and last time that was. And I didn't point out that Paul Rowen and child killer Ronald Castree were close to being direct contemporaries among the youth of Rochdale, back in the day when Cyril ruled with his rod of bromide.

FOOTNOTE: Googling "Hansard poof" finds a small number of precedents for the word being coined in the houses of parliament, HERE. Most of these appear to be of the form "going poof" as in "disappearing suddenly".

Baroness Massey of Darwen managed a couple of similar references however in the other place in 2000. There was Chris Bryant in the Commons in 2003.

Though the most intriguing on page one of the search has to be a Mr Mundella, MP for Sheffield Brightside, speaking on elementary schools, and finding a rather genteel lad in one, referring to his being son of a "poof widow", in 1891.

The etymology for this is a little obscure. Possibly similar to "lite". Meaning someone like a widow but having been abandoned rather than bereaved. Or simply weak.


Anonymous said...

so it looks like Paul Rowen is "doing a Gaza" on asbestos in schools?

Does this mean he will actually attend the meeting or will be be in the bar?

Shameless attention seeking nonse.

Anonymous said...

Anyone hear Rowen's debate today? Was it up to much? Or his usual platitudinous drivel?

Let's hope he did better than when he took on Tony McNulty in the welfare reform debate last month.

Rowen made an utter fool of himself. After rambling for an age about drug addicts' rights under clause two of the bill, McNulty was withering in his response.

"Interesting speech, but wrong clause," he explained to the swivel-eyed lummox from Rochdale. "In the hon. Gentleman’s enthusiasm and rush to download every hackneyed cliche that he possibly could while discussing his misinterpretation of our policies in clause 9 on drug misuse, he has tagged his concerns on to clause 2 and made the speech anyway. On one level, that is fine, but the downside is that we will have to hear it all again when we get to clause 9, which is a matter of regret."

A bumbling and embarrassed Rowen dragged his bulky frame up and mumbled: "I have listened to what the Minister said. In the light of that, I beg to ask leave to withdraw the amendment."

Useless, utterly useless

Anonymous said...

Mr Rowen cuts a lonely figure in the Palace of Westminster bars. He sits alone with his beer. Billy no mates. He struggles to engage in conversation with others as he has little to say. He lacks character, inteligence or morals.

His party workers such as wannabee MP Dave Hennighan is the closest he has to a confidante. Constituency friends such as car dealer and 'businessman' and holiday buddy Terry Mason (and wife)are not really his cup of tea now he has made it to the Smoke, but he has to make do.

Given that he once looked up to Cyril Smith and did all he could to help the dodgy spanker MP, no wonder Paul Rowen is such a confused and unhappy individual.

Anonymous said...

All this talk of sodomy and vice. You smart ass sinners are going to burn in the fires of Hell.

Repent you sinners, repent and be born again.