Sunday, March 01, 2009

Truth About Harry Potter: Iranian TV Speak Their Brains

Bluff, double bluff, treble bluff. Hilariously - assuming there has been no Downfall style meddling with the captions, and no Teheran equivalent of April Fool's Day (John Leech MP's birthday, lest we forget, though wiki now say 11th), or indeed some kind of Brass Eye effort - Iranian TV, employers via Press TV of the likes of the wizard-manqué Andrew Gilligan, wizard-cassé George Galloway, and wizard-bloggé Iain Dale really have excelled themselves.

The Harry Potter franchise is a Zionist Conspiracy is all. Most hilariously of all they interpret the strong anti-master-race narrative as being pro-master-race, which they conflate with pro-Zionist. If you're going to go there chaps I think you'll find that the racists are "the other". The "Other" that Harry Potter and his chums are trying to confound.

HEALTH WARNING: Unlike Harry Potter and his chums MEMRI - the translators may be a Zionist propaganda organisation! Fancy that! MEMRI TV the translators, is a USA-based operation with 501(c)3 non-profit status. Here's what they say about themselves.

LOL estimate that of the 14,008 minutes (c 233 hours) translated and published since 2001 only about 14,003 minutes were selected by this non-partisan non-profit organisation to show Islamic Culture and Ideas in a bad light. Their sampling rate, assuming just one single 24/7 channel - whereas they actually monitor and select from quite a number of channels - is approximately 0.005 of output (half a percent).

Random fact: There are 752 Google links for a search MEMRI plus "Dean Godson", a dark artist of the darkest arts if ever there was one. From a long line of Death Eaters to boot.

None of which prevents the above example of their collective work being jolly amusing. Uplifting even. Wingardium leviosa!

LISTEN CAREFULLY: I shall say this only once. The arguably Zionist Conspirators and certainly feckwitted propagandists at MEMRI in Washington DC want the paranoid of the western world to believe that the powers that be in Teheran, and indeed, why not?, the whole worldwide Muslim Conspiracy and every Muslim, actually believe that Harry Potter and his zany crew are Zionist race supremacist conspiracists, still with me?, and not in fact free spirits facing down the really and truly supremacist followers of the Dark Lord.

For the avoidance of doubt the Harry Potter series is - assuming you are not a unicorn, a goblin, or a house elf - a culturally fairly neutral tale of the ancient struggle between pure goodness and absolute evil. And whereas most religion doesn't let on about the magic and the fiction and the suspended disbelief JK Rowling let's on about the whole house of cards, godless communist that she is*.

* Speculation, sorry Jacks. Via Dizzy Thinks, itself via Da Dark Lord Fink. LOL Graphics did produce a treble bluff graphic to go with all this hilarity. But we'll leave it on the desktop for now. Likely to be misconstrued by all sides. Might be a badge of honour, but we're nervous, sorry.

UPDATE 20:23: I have posted a comment at Da Fink's linking to this post, and pointing out the appalling reputation of MEMRI TV for cherry picking and mis-translation. I'll post it here perhaps if it doesn't make it past the censors.

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