Monday, April 27, 2009

Archbishop Cranmer: Fatwa Ex Cathedra on Apostate Iain Dale

Iain Dale's favourite cleric feels that Iain Dale has become a miserable sinner and asks whether the wretch should be shriven or ex-communicated from The Fat Cats Party. Hot on the heels of Iain's Bunker Tantrums "Damned Again!" over losing the Booker Prize "Orwell" comes the revelation that having called a storm down on poor old former Fat Cats Party donor Stuart Wheeler's ass, Iain is taking the Ad Gelt of Libertas urging his readers to join them.

Guido Fawkes himself has apparently approached His Lordship to offer mitigation of Iain's also having taken Ad Gelt off Ken Livingstone's Lefty People's Party and most despicably The Libdemonologists, with their continuing if utterly half-hearted battle against donor sleaze. Surely Guido this makes matters worse not better?

Labour of Love is non-denominational, even ecumenical in these matters when it comes to party politics. We will take penny ads from most anyone. Though not we fear from the infamous Bullingdon clap clinic or Bullingdon S&M voyeurs, or for that matter from the Sir Cyril Smith "let me kiss that better for you young man" cabal.

Hat tip: Un-penitant sinner Iain Dale hisself. Getting a bit like Dorries, dobbing himself in.

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