Monday, April 27, 2009

Lib Dem Voice: Perhaps the Puniest Leak of the Decade?

Mark Pack at Lib Dem Voice is claiming that some stating-the-blooming-obvious objectives for Labour in the upcoming election season:

* Maximise Labour vote in Euro election
* Stop BNP gaining Euro seat
* Hold 4 Labour County Councils
* North Tyneside and Doncaster Mayoral races

... are from a "leaked internal election briefing". And further that they indicate doom and gloom. I disagree. If this can be called a leak at all it isn't much of one. Here's the Lib Dem equivalent, discovered by telepathic transfer to a man in a trilby and trenchcoat outside Rochdale Lib Dems Drake Street emporium:

* Maximise Lib Dem vote in Euro election, do you think? shall we try that?
* Stop BNP gaining Euro seat, though let them win a few and we can debate some sense into them in the chamber, do any of them need their nominations signed?
* Attack 4 Labour County Councils, pretending we can win though we are third
* North Tyneside and Doncaster Mayoral races

Let’s get serious.

Maximising the vote is a sine qua non. The other three objectives fall if we don’t do that.

Clearly there are a reduced number of seats to win this time. Increasing seats is going to be tough for anyone. Reducing by a seat or two is likely for each of the biggest 3 or 4 parties to square that circle.

But with the Tories in disarray over Euro gravy and having no coherent plan on Europe or UK plc, the Lib Dems likely to lose at least one “last seat” (NW) if not more, UKIP still likely to be a force against all the odds, Libertas, Jury Team, BNP, Green, Assorted Single Issues, it’s "all to play for".

At least Chris Davies will not be able to roll out his loathsome communalist leaflets for Sajjad Karim. Which he could only defend by saying they were “true”.

PS Did Damian McBride "leak" this? Is it actually a real "leak" Mark? Or is it just widely available and rather blatantly patently obvious?


Norsheen Bhatti said...

When I heard Nick Clegg speak at the Operation Black vote event in the House of Commons a few weeks ago I realised that you as leader and the Liberal Democrats are the not the party I had once believed in and is so very out of touch with everyday life and people in our country.

It saddens me to say but that day I lost all faith in you and the party and I can no longer continue to be a part of the Liberal Democrat party of today.

I want a leader who will be dynamic and encourage those people who are feeling disenfranchised to think about politics, participate and join in the debate.

With people like Dave Hennigan, Cyril Smith and Paul Rowen in your party, the Liberal Democrats are drifting into the wilderness.


Chris Paul said...

Er, "Norsheen" when it comes to Hen-Snith-Rowen - you ain't seen anything yet! Watch this space.

Rayatcov said...

If the established political classes are going to take on the BNP, then they are going to have to do more and better than sneer and call their members names. They are going to have to confront the issues raised by this party, tackle them head on and answer voters' concerns.

But, so many of those issues are in the "do not discuss" box. That leaves them with a failing and soon to be failed strategy, when the BNP romp home with the spoils, capitalizing on the very thing that the establishment is so freely offering – disapproval.